Wound Healing Research

We are committed to understanding how to accelerate wound repair through evidence-based studies in both basic sciences and clinical research. Areas of research interest include molecular and cellular biology, informatics, clinical outcomes, and surgical technique.

Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Warren, a biomedical informatics program has been established and funded by the National Institutes of Health, (National Library of Medicine, R01LM008443-04). It is devoted to determining if use of the Online Wound Electronic Medical Record (OWEMR) as a routine intervention in clinical care can decrease amputations in those with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and prevent the progression of pressure ulcers (PUs) to stage IV.  The OWEMR databank is a web-based informatics clinical intervention tool that synthesizes up to 137 data points about chronic wounds from multiple data sources, identifies for the clinician the information needed to make treatment decisions, and uses intelligent search and report features to provide clinical alerts that identify patients who require emergency interventions or changes in treatment strategy. It includes the patients’ medications, past medical history and relevant laboratory parameters (photographs and real-time healing graph of the wound’s progress). A single-screen summary of relevant clinical information can be retrieved at the push of a button for the clinician at the point of care. The clinical decision support system alerts providers to facilitate appropriate and timely intervention. By recording each patient’s visit in the OWEMR, there is the capability to identify when treatment needs should be altered for a non-healing wound, and when a change in the protocol is necessary.

In the basic science research laboratory, Drs. Ceradini and Saadeh are using state-of- the-art in vitro and in vivo tools to modulate and increase wound repair rates in the diabetic and radiation injured microenvironment. By harnessing greater knowledge on how wounds heal, we hope to bring the bench work to the clinical setting in the near future.

Additionally, we have active collaborative research projects with Departments of Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Radiology as well as NYU Schools of Engineering, Nursing, Public Health, and Business.

Recent and Ongoing Studies:

  • Diabetic Foot and Pressure Ulcer Databank (R01LM008443-04)
  • Clinical and Health Outcomes Initiatives in Comparative Effectiveness: Online Wound EMR to decrease amputations in patients with Diabetes. (R01LM008443-04)
  • Stem cell therapy to accelerate diabetic and radiation wounds
  • Modulation of wound healing using small interfering RNA (siRNA)
  • Impact of neurocognitive dysfunction on wound care adherence in patients with chronic wounds
  • Development of new biosensor devices to help patients heal wounds

Ernest S. Chiu, MD, Director and Senior Investigator

Daniel Ceradini, MD, Senior Investigator

Jamie Levine, MD, Senior Investigator

Pierre Saadeh, MD, Senior Investigator