Also see the Organizational Chart for an illustration of how various sections and divisions relate to one another.

The Division of Biostatistics is the academic home of faculty who contribute to scientific advances that benefit human health through innovation in methodology, theory, and application of biostatistical methods across the entire spectrum of biomedical research.

The Division of Epidemiology is engaged in a diverse set of research and educational initiatives across the School of Medicine, with the goal of advancing understanding of the inter-relationship of genetic and environmental factors affecting human health, and providing a scientific basis for translation of this knowledge to public health action.

Healthcare Delivery Science
The mission of the Division of Healthcare Delivery Science is to bridge academia and the healthcare delivery system to advance research and practice in implementation science, quality of care and patient safety.

Medical Ethics
The Division of Medical Ethics works to enhance education and training in bioethics and advance our ability to address the philosophical and practical dilemmas associated with advances in medicine and biotechnology and changes in the practice of healthcare.

Health and Behavior
The Division of Health and Behavior focuses on strategies for fostering healthful behaviors across a wide variety of conditions and settings.

Comparative Effectiveness and Decision Science
The Division of Comparative Effectiveness and Decision Science bridges the worlds of decision science, cost effectiveness, comparative effectiveness and metrics development. Its investigators perform scientifically rigorous research that informs clinical care and health policy.

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