Psychiatry residents-PGY4, 2018

The final year of residency is devoted to promoting consolidation of knowledge, enhancing leadership skills, and returning to the consult service as senior residents. The PGY IV experience encourages residents to commit to and develop areas of particular interest while consolidating core clinical skills. The year prepares our residents to pursue careers in academic psychiatry and research, clinical practice, teaching, and administration. As residents plan for fellowship training after residency, mentors are available to aid residents with fellowship and career planning.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

All residents spend 1 month as psychiatry consultants to other medical disciplines at Bellevue, Tisch Hospital, or the Manhattan VA. Working with junior residents, this rotation also focuses on teaching and supervising.

Senior Selective

Residents gain leadership experience as the Senior Resident on either an inpatient unit or in an outpatient setting. During this rotation the Senior Resident assumes the role of a “junior attending,” supervises junior residents and medical students, and leads journal clubs. Weekly supervision is provided by the respective site Unit Chiefs. Sites include the MPC 125th Street Clinic, Bellevue Hospital CPEP, and the inpatient units at NYU and the Manhattan VA.

Outpatient Psychiatry

As part of the PGY IV experience, all residents continue to treat a core group of patients in the Bellevue Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic and the NYU Behavioral Health Program. Cases include psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic treatments, and residents are supervised by senior faculty.

Senior Electives

The majority of the PGY IV year is dedicated to elective time, and each resident develops a fourth year experience that is tailor-made to fit the individual resident’s interests.

Scholarly Project

At the end of the PGY IV year, residents give a presentation to their colleagues and faculty of the research, case report, literature review or any scholarly projects that they have been involved in during their training.

Chief Residency

In the PGY IV year, four residents are chosen as Chief Residents. This opportunity provides administrative and leadership experience in a variety of settings. Chief Residents focus on general administrative matters, act as a Chief Resident on one of the inpatient psychiatry units, and spend one month on one of the consultation-liaison services. In addition, the Chief Residents can pursue a range of elective opportunities.


There is no required call in the PGY IV year.


Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation during their PGY IV year.