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Scientific Cores & Shared Resources Microscopy Laboratory
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Scientific Cores & Shared Resources Microscopy Laboratory

NYU School of Medicine’s Microscopy Laboratory is a shared resource offering comprehensive light and electron microscopy technologies. We partner with faculty, staff, and researchers at NYU School of Medicine, as well as investigators from other institutions in the metropolitan area. Our scientists use powerful light microscopes and electron microscopes at resolutions ranging from centimeters to angstroms, providing clear and detailed images.

The Microscopy Laboratory provides high resolution microscopy services and technical expertise.

We assist at every stage of your experiment, offering research-design consultation and instrument training, as well as guidance in study execution, analysis, and presentation for publication.

Requests and Reservations

Request services or reserve instruments using our laboratory information management system (LIMS).
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If you’re working with us for the first time, email or call us to discuss project design, sample preparation, and instrument selection. All users must follow lab policies, as well as those of NYU School of Medicine.

New Instruments

We have three new instruments: a Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 microscope, a Zeiss LSM 880 laser scanning confocal microscope with Airyscan, and a Zeiss Gemini 300 field-emission scanning electron microscope with Gatan 3View®. See more details on our light microscopy and electron microscopy technologies and instruments pages. Contact us for further information about our microscopes.

Recent Publications

Investigators have published the results of research conducted at the Microscopy Laboratory in a variety of leading publications. See a comprehensive list.

Contact Us

For electron microscopy, contact Alice Liang , PhD, director, at fengxia.liang@nyumc.org. For light microscopy, contact optical microscopy specialists Yan Deng at yan.deng@nyumc.org and Michael Cammer at michael.cammer@nyumc.org.

To reach us by phone, call 212-263-7099.

Our main laboratory is located at 540 First Avenue in Manhattan, in the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine.

How to Acknowledge the Microscopy Laboratory

You are required to acknowledge NYU School of Medicine’s Microscopy Laboratory in all publications, presentations, grant applications, media releases, and other forms of media when you use our equipment, technologies, or expertise, or generate data at the lab. As a courtesy and for copyright purposes, we also request that you inform us of the publication and any images created by the lab’s staff or instruments.

Please consider authorship when our staff members contribute significantly to the development of your experimental design or to your publication content. Before you begin your experiment, sign our acknowledgment form indicating that you have read and agree to this policy. Email it to Dr. Liang at fengxia.liang@nyumc.org.