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Microscopy Laboratory Microscopy Laboratory Fees

Microscopy Laboratory Fees

Experts at NYU Langone’s Microscopy Laboratory offer training, technical assistance, data collection, image analysis, and other technologies at competitive rates.

External nonprofit organizations pay 175 percent of posted fees, while external for-profit organizations pay 250 percent of posted fees. Please note that prices are subject to change.

Electron Microscopy Fees

Technology Rate
Training $90 per hour
Philips CM transmission electron microscope, assisted use $90 per hour
Philips CM 12 transmission electron microscope $55 per hour
Philips CM 200 transmission electron microscope $60 per hour
BOC Edwards Auto 306 Evaporator $50 each
Standard transmission electron microscope morphology processing $73 per hour
Immunolabeling, postembedding (LK4M, Cryo, HM20) $73 per hour
Immunolabeling, pre-embedding processing $73 per hour
Whole-mount immunolabeling $73 per hour
Negative staining $60 per sample
Ultramicrotomy (unassisted) $20 per hour
Ultramicrotomy, thin section $90 per sample
Ultramicrotomy, semi-thin section $55 per sample
Tomography data collection $250 each

Light Microscopy Fees

Service Rate
Training $90 per hour
Technical assistance $90 per hour
Advanced technical assistance $125 per hour
PersonalDV live-cell imaging system (inverted) $42 per hour
Nikon total internal reflection fluorescence/epifluorescence microscope $46 per hour
Zeiss Axio Observer epifluorescence and crossed-polarization microscope $46 per hour
LM EVOS FluoSys Microscope $40 per hour
Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 microscope $55 per hour
Zeiss LSM 700 laser scanning confocal microscope (inverted) $55 per hour
Zeiss LSM 710 laser scanning confocal and multiphoton microscope (inverted) $60 per hour
Zeiss LSM 880 laser scanning confocal microscope with FLIM and FCS inverted) $65 per hour
Leica TCS SP5 II confocal microscope (upright) $55 per hour
Zeiss Axioplan microscope (upright) $25 per hour
Long time lapse $25 per hour
Workstations/Volocity $18 per hour
Image analysis $125 per hour
Troubleshooting $250 per hour