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Preclinical Imaging Laboratory Preclinical Imaging Laboratory Instruments

Preclinical Imaging Laboratory Instruments

At NYU Langone's Preclinical Imaging Laboratory, investigators have access to advanced imaging technologies and methods to image live animals. Our specialized and certified research experts provide unbiased acquisition and analysis of data and offer training in the use of our technologies.

To ensure reproducible results, our standard practice includes regular and rigorous quality assurance and quality control, service contracts for prescribed maintenance, and instrument operation, meeting the highest standards, by core scientists using approved standard operation procedures.

The lab’s data management and curation best practices are in compliance with NYU Langone’s data storage standard for research core laboratories, OMB Circular A-110, and the National Institutes of Health Genomic Data Sharing policy.

Training is required before researchers may reserve instruments at the Preclinical Imaging Laboratory. To reserve time on an instrument, faculty, staff, and investigators must be registered in iLab (review login instructions) or contact the lab at All of our instruments and training are available at competitive rates.

We provide manufacturer specifications relevant to protocols and training upon request. We also provide documentation defining standard operating procedures after training is complete.