Surgical Clerkship

The Department of Surgery is pleased to offer three clinical experiences for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year medical students: the Core Clerkship, five Surgical Selectives and the Advanced Surgery Clerkship.

Core Clerkship
The surgical clerkship introduces students to the wide spectrum of surgical diseases. Students follow patients from their initial presentation, to the operating room and throughout their post-operative care. The students are full participants in all aspects of their patients' surgical disease process.

Surgery Selectives
The Selectives in surgery are month-long clinical and basic science experiences which allow students to combine a traditional clinical rotation with an in-depth exposure to the basic science foundations of surgical disease.

Advanced Surgery Clerkship
The advanced surgery subinternship provides additional training and experience in general surgery. It also fulfills the subinternship graduation requirement for students applying for a residency in general surgery or another surgical specialty.