Dear Applicant,

I am pleased that you are interested in the general surgery residency program at New York University School of Medicine. For those who pursue a career in Surgery, the years spent in residency represent a major commitment both to furthering their professional aims and to serving those under their care. The New York University School of Medicine has a long and distinguished tradition of excellence in Surgery. Our combined hospitals are a rich and varied source of patients, illnesses, and care settings, making for comprehensive training.

Individuals selected for post-graduate training in the general surgery categorical program enter for five clinical years encompassing the broad range of surgery. We also have the option available for an ACGME- accredited 4+3 joint track into a Cardiothoracic residency program. In addition, we have a 0+5 Vascular surgery program which is ACGME - Accredited. All categorical residents complete the requirements for certification by the American Board of Surgery. We select seven individuals for training in general surgery.  In addition, four individuals interested in training in Urology and two in Oral Surgery are accepted for the Preliminary Surgery program. Our residency program provides a wealth of clinical and operative experience, a diverse house staff and faculty interested in teaching, as well as a variety of clinical and basic research experiences.

The Department of Surgery is also proud to sponsor three ACGME-accredited fellowship programs including Vascular Surgery, Colon and Rectal Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care.

In the Department of Surgery at NYU School of Medicine, we take pride in our Residency Training Program.  We understand that a residency training program of today must prepare its graduates for tomorrow’s world. By providing a solid clinical background, as well as the independent thinking required in the laboratory, we expect today’s NYU residents to implement innovative approaches throughout the 21st century. To continue our tradition in academic surgical training, we are committed to attracting the brightest and the best, and providing an outstanding training environment.



H. Leon Pachter, M.D.