Community Health Worker Training Resources

Role of CHWsProject AsPIREDREAM Project

The NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center has developed a toolkit of materials available for use by CHWs and/or CHW programs. This free toolkit can be used to provide education, as well as to help CHWs document their interactions with community members. Available materials include a Toolkit Manual, a template Progress Note, as well as educational FlipCharts. These resources were developed for use in NYU-CUNY PRC programs, but can be adapted to fit the unique needs of other CHW programs. Please click on the links below to download these resources:

CHW Toolkit Manual


The CHW Toolkit Manual is an instructional guide for using the CHW Toolkit materials. The manual provides instructions on how to use and present the FlipChart information to community members.


CHW Progress Note


The CHW Progress Note is a template that can be used to document encounters with community members. The template collects information such as progress with goal-setting, requested referrals, and discussed educational content. Note: this resource is a template document only, and should be tailored to fit the unique needs of other programs/projects.


CHW FlipCharts

The CHW FlipCharts are a two-way visual aid designed to help provide brief educational instruction to community members on a variety of health-related topics. These resources can help the CHW keep the discussion on track, and provide the participant with basic visuals and messages to reinforce the discussion.




The Alliance of Filipino-American Community Health Workers

The NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health (NYU CSAAH) and Kalusugan Coalition, Inc. (KC)  received funds from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to support activities that aim to promote heart health among underserved and minority populations. For NYU CSAAH and KC, this funding will specifically support their development of the Alliance of Filipino American Community Health Workers-- a network of three partner sites in NY, NJ, and CA. 

NYU CSAAH and KC will provide training and maintain a peer-to-peer mentorship system with  CHWs of partnering sites to ensure they have the fundamental skills to utilize the NHLBI’s Healthy Heart, Healthy Family (HHHF) curriculum and booklets with the Filipino communities they serve. Visit the Alliance's website ( for more information.


Project AsPIRE Training Manual

Project AsPIRE Training Manual: a guide for community-university partnerships to build the capacity of both community and academic partners to conduct community-based participatory research, based on the experience of the Project AsPIRE partnership. Download the Project AsPIRE Training Protocol.

NYU Prevention Research Center

Building Bridges: Community Health Workers as Agents of Change

On April 1, 2010 The NYU Health Promotion and Prevention Research Center (PRC) Learning Exchange presented this workshop at the NYU Langone Medical Center. Experts in the field of community health worker (CHW) interventions shared lessons learned, successes, and challenges. CHWs from NYU's DREAM and AsPIRE programs reflected on their personal experiences serving as CHWs.

The event was recorded and is available on iTunesU for download. (Files marked "Video" contain both audio and video data: those marked "Audio" are audio only.)

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