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Division of Observation & Short Stay Medicine Observation & Short Stay Medicine Publications

Observation & Short Stay Medicine Publications

Investigators in the Division of Observation and Short Stay Medicine, part of NYU Langone’s Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine, publish the results of their research in leading peer-reviewed academic journals and present their work at national and international conferences. Read the latest papers to learn more about their work.

Use of a telehealth follow-up system to facilitate treatment and discharge of emergency department patients with severe cellulitis

Koziatek, Christian; Klein, Noah; Mohan, Sanjay; Lakdawala, Viraj; Swartz, Jordan; Femia, Robert; Press, Robert; Caspers, Christopher

American journal of emergency medicine. 2021 Mar ; 41:184-189

Virtual Urgent Care Quality and Safety in the Time of Coronavirus

Smith, Silas W; Tiu, Janelle; Caspers, Christopher G; Lakdawala, Viraj S; Koziatek, Christian A; Swartz, Jordan L; Lee, David C; Jamin, Catherine T; Femia, Robert J; Haines, Elizabeth J

Joint Commission journal on quality & patient safety. 2021 Feb ; 47:86-98

Implementation of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign one-hour bundle in a short stay unit: A quality improvement project

Gripp, Lauren; Raffoul, Melanie; Milner, Kerry A

Intensive & critical care nursing. 2020 Dec 22; 103004

Assessing the Impact of a Rapidly Scaled Virtual Urgent Care in New York City During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Koziatek, Christian A; Rubin, Ada; Lakdawala, Viraj; Lee, David C; Swartz, Jordan; Auld, Elizabeth; Smith, Silas W; Reddy, Harita; Jamin, Catherine; Testa, Paul; Femia, Robert; Caspers, Christopher

Journal of emergency medicine. 2020 Oct ; 59:610-618

In Reply to Fyfe and Douglass

Raffoul, Melanie; Bartlett-Esquilant, Gillian; Phillips, Robert L

Academic medicine. 2020 Mar ; 95:328-329

Dalbavancin Use in the Emergency Department Setting

Patel, Mitulkumar; Smalley, Samantha; Dubrovskaya, Yanina; Siegfried, Justin; Caspers, Christopher; Pham, Vinh; Press, Robert A; Papadopoulos, John

Annals of pharmacotherapy. 2019 Jun 03; 1060028019855159

Recruiting and Training a Health Professions Workforce to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow's Health Care System

Raffoul, Melanie; Bartlett-Esquilant, Gillian; Phillips, Robert L

Academic medicine. 2019 May ; 94:651-655

Financial Viability of Emergency Department Observation Unit Billing Models

Baugh, Christopher W; Suri, Pawan; Caspers, Christopher G; Granovsky, Michael A; Neal, Keith; Ross, Michael A

Academic emergency medicine. 2019 Jan ; 26:31-40