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Precision & Translational Medical Education Laboratory

The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education’s Precision and Translational Medical Education Laboratory connects faculty, data scientists, informaticists, and trainees conducting cutting-edge grant-funded research to advance the emerging dual paradigms of precision and translational medical education. Our research bridges the classroom-to-bedside divide, yielding measurable improvements in patient care and driving continuous improvement in how we train the next generation of physicians. We welcome medical students, residents, informatics trainees, and faculty. To learn more or get involved, please email Jesse Burk Rafel, MD, MRes, at

Our Faculty and Staff

Members of our lab apply informatics and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to integrated data across the educational continuum to personalize medical education for individual learners and give new insights to their programs and coaches.

Jesse Burk Rafel, MD, MRes, Director

Dr. Rafel is a hospitalist in the Division of Hospital Medicine at NYU Langone. At the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education, Dr. Rafel conducts studies at the intersection of informatics, artificial intelligence, health services, and medical education that explore how trainees’ educational performance across the undergraduate and graduate medical education continuum maps to clinical outcomes, both in training and in future practice. By understanding the relationship between training and clinical care, he hopes to develop evidence-informed precision training programs and to perform translational studies of educational interventions to improve patient care. Learn more about Dr. Rafel.

Kelly V. Ruggles, PhD, Assistant Director of Biomedical Informatics

Dr. Ruggles is the director of academic programs at NYU Langone’s Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences and leads a lab dedicated to computational multi-omics focused on understanding human health and biology through the application of data visualization, integration, and predictive modeling. In her role with us, she bridges the initiatives of both institutes by identifying informatics projects and collaborating on advanced analytics initiatives in undergraduate medical education and graduate medical education. Learn more about Dr. Ruggles.

Selin T. Sagalowsky, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor

Dr. Sagalowsky is the vice chair for education in the Department of Emergency Medicine and program director for the pediatric emergency medicine fellowship. Her work focuses on competency based medical education; curriculum implementation and evaluation; and promoting and operationalizing educational scholarship, particularly in graduate medical education. Learn more about Dr. Sagalowsky.

Daniel Sartori, MD, Assistant Professor

Dr. Sartori is hospitalist at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, and is an associate program director of the Internal Medicine Residency. He recently began a new role as director of Precision Medical Education within the Department of Medicine in which he partners with Institute for Innovations in Medical Education faculty to develop and implement innovative tools to enhance the educational experiences of trainees. Dr. Sartori was recently awarded the Jeremiah A. Barondess Fellowship jointly from the ACGME and New York Academy of Medicine and is currently completing his MHPE at Maastricht University. Learn more about Dr. Sartori.

Verity Schaye, MD, MHPE, Assistant Director of Curricular Innovation

Dr. Schaye is assistant dean for education in the clinical sciences and director of integrated clinical skills in the Office of Medical Education. She works as a hospitalist at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue for NYU Langone’s Department of Medicine. In her role with the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education, she partners with key stakeholders to identify needs and develop best practices related to teaching, assessment, and evaluation of clinical reasoning. She was recently awarded a prestigious grant from the National Board of Medical Examiners Stemmler Fund for her groundbreaking work on using advanced analytics techniques to assess clinical reasoning in electronic health documentation. Learn more about Dr. Schaye.

Abigail Ford Winkel, MD, MHPE, FACOG, Assistant Director of Education Scholarship

Dr. Winkel is the vice chair for education in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and assistant director of the Master of Health Professions Education Program, She was previously the associate residency director and residency director in obstetrics and gynecology. In her role with us, she supports our efforts to promote educational innovation and scholarship across undergraduate medical education and graduate medical education and serves as a lead in the Transition to Residency Advantage Program. Learn more about Dr. Winkel.

Hannah Park, MS, Research Analyst

Ms. Park is dedicated to leveraging informatics, artificial intelligence, and health services research to transform medical education. She focuses on bridging the gap between educational performance and clinical outcomes, striving to improve patient care through evidence-based medical training methodologies. Her collaborative efforts with a multidisciplinary team underscore her commitment to merging data science with medical education, making contributions to the advancement of healthcare. Her experience encompasses utilizing statistical methodologies in clinical outcome research at NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health and genomic data analysis at Columbia University Medical Center, where she completed her master’s degree in biostatistics.