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Education Information Technology

Education Information Technology at the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education is dedicated to the development, implementation, and optimization of educational tools and technologies for teaching, learning, and operations across the educational mission. Our goals are to support learners, educators, and staff with applications and technology initiatives for collection of data, distribution of educational content, and facilitation of educational processes.

Our Staff

Our staff supports digital innovation and operational excellence in the realm of tools and technologies for teaching, learning, and curricular operations.

John Speakman, MBA, Assistant Vice President for Research and Education Information Technology

Mr. Speakman leads the provision of information and technology for the academic (scientific and educational) missions of NYU Langone Health, advancing the vision of the institute’s digital transformation. His career has focused on the pursuit of coherent institutional strategies around information technology, data, and standards in the life sciences, with a particular emphasis on the real-world development and promulgation of standards as an enabler of interoperability between the fields of healthcare and life sciences.

Matt Polaniecki, MS, Associate Director of Education Information Technology

Mr. Polaniecki oversees the development, enhancement, and delivery of new software applications and key services in support of NYU Grossman School of Medicine students, staff, and faculty. His background is in educational technology and software product management. Contact him at

Julio Garcia, Senior Software Developer

Mr. Garcia creates custom applications, including iPad apps for workplace-based assessment and self-directed study of clinical topics, to support our educational mission. His expertise includes application development and medical visualization.

Mohammad Paracha, Senior Analyst II Solutions Developer

Mr. Paracha has been in the IT industry for nearly half a decade with the majority of his experience as a business analyst. He works with teams and stakeholders throughout NYU Langone in analyzing complex business requirements and developing plans of action for implementation. He is a Certified Scrum Master.

Omar Estevez, Developer I

Mr. Estevez creates and maintains applications for the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. He uses his expertise in application development, user interface and user experience, and interactive animations to provide solutions for medical students, staff, and faculty. He is currently using artificial intelligence to find innovative services for students.

Joshua Kirschner, MBA, Digital Product Manager

Mr. Kirschner is a driven and compassionate product manager. He is dedicated to reshaping medical education through innovation by advancing and enhancing new software applications and services to support NYU Grossman School of Medicine students, staff, and faculty. With a passion for leveraging technology to solve real-world problems, Mr. Kirschner has a proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop innovative solutions.

Alexander Lin, Developer I

Mr. Lin assists in building and maintaining custom applications to support our educational mission. He is strong in the React/Nodejs/SQL tech stack. He graduated from Stony Brook University and majored in computer science.