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Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Consultation Services

The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education offers consultation services to faculty and staff who seek to use technology and other innovative tools for teaching and learning.

Explore our services:

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Digital Resources for Medical Education

Faculty can turn to us for guidance in creating digital resources for medical education. Our expertise includes instructional and curricular design, visual design, multimedia development, and usability testing. We assist faculty in applying augmented and virtual reality in medical education, as well as in applying evidence-based approaches to using technology in education.

We provide assistance in the following areas.

Content Creation

Our team has expertise in visual and multimedia development and usability testing.

Instructional Design

Given today's advances in educational technologies, there are many more decisions to be made on how to integrate learning material effectively. Active learning and mobile learning can take your instruction to the next level.

The Innovation Room

In a new collaborative learning and technology exploration space, faculty, learners, curriculum designers, and engineers come together to investigate emerging media and technologies such as virtual reality for medical education.

Educational Technologies

We assist faculty in using educational technologies that improve the learning environment, including our custom curriculum data management tool, our custom assessment tools, and Brightspace, NYU Grossman School of Medicine's learning management system for undergraduate and graduate medical education.

Data Science

We provide the following data science services.

Data Visualization

Creating an effective visualization requires a blending of perception science and analytics. Our staff have experience in designing graphics using best practices in data visualization. Faculty can learn to create standard visualizations using Excel and Tableau and highly customizable graphics in R, a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Data Wrangling

Cleaning data for analysis, or data wrangling, requires a huge amount of effort. Our faculty and staff have experience in using data software tools that apply tidy data principles to messy data sets. The application of tidy principles and tools helps faculty concentrate on the most important part of working with data: using it for quality improvement.

Reproducible Research

Reproducible research entails combining data wrangling, data analysis, visualization, and reporting in the same environment. We can train and support faculty in using the statistical software package R to create a reproducible research environment for education research projects.

Educational Study Design

We help faculty to design educational studies for research and analysis.

Educational Research Design

As educational researchers, we can help strengthen your design either based on our experience or by having a second set of eyes review your work. We can also connect you to other collaborative groups at the medical school that can support you as well.

Educational Data Analysis

Analyzing educational research data can quickly become complicated. We have expertise in some of the more advanced educational research data analysis methods, including linear modeling, item-response theory, classical test theory, and learning curve methodologies.

Institutional Review Board Protocols for Education Studies

Educational research often goes through the institutional review board in a separate channel from clinical research. We can help you distinguish which route applies to your proposed study.

Program Evaluation and Assessment Measures

Our consultation services are focused on the integrated, longitudinal evaluation of curriculum to promote understanding and action:

  • analyzing and interpreting qualitative education data, including text-based data
  • designing and implementing surveys
  • evaluating existing and new curricular elements
  • making decisions with evaluation data
  • measuring and assuring quality for teaching, learning, and evaluation
  • utilizing software for statistical analysis
  • using the Medical Education Student and Resident Research Registries
  • visualizing data and designing dashboards

Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

The following consultation services help faculty leverage tools and technologies for data collection, assessment, and evaluation:

  • building and sharing interactive, dynamic dashboards and reports
  • creating metrics development
  • setting up data-driven alerts
  • using self-service business intelligence tools for data discovery and decision-making
  • utilizing advanced statistical computing and machine learning