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Multiple Sclerosis Research Multiple Sclerosis Research Faculty

Multiple Sclerosis Research Faculty

NYU Langone’s Division of Multiple Sclerosis comprises physician–scientists who lead innovative programs in multiple sclerosis research.


Lauren B. Krupp, MD

Director, Division of Multiple Sclerosis
The Nancy Glickenhouse Pier Professor of Pediatric Neuropsychiatry, Department of Neurology
Expertise: multiple sclerosis and other central nervous system neuroimmune disorders, clinical assessment of pediatric multiple sclerosis, measurement of fatigue and cognitive function in multiple sclerosis across the age span
Methodological skills: clinical trial design for interventions to ameliorate multiple sclerosis–related symptoms, and assessment of fatigue and related symptoms


Leigh E. Charvet, PhD

Director, Multiple Sclerosis Research
Professor, Department of Neurology
Expertise: neuropsychologic assessment and cognitive interventions, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and other noninvasive brain stimulation therapies, and telehealth
Methodological skills: cognitive and symptom assessment, teleinterventions, tDCS and noninvasive brain stimulation, and statistical analyses of cognitive markers


Iyla Kister, MD

Professor, Department of Neurology
Expertise: multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica, neurosarcoidosis, MOG antibody–associated disorders and related neuroinflammatory disorders of the central nervous system
Methodological skills: clinical and translation research related to improving diagnostic accuracy; developing novel tools for monitoring disease progression and symptom severity; and optimizing treatment outcomes in neuroinflammatory disorders; and clinical–radiologic correlation in multiple sclerosis


Giuseppina Pilloni, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
Expertise: gait and balance measurements, noninvasive brain stimulation
Methodological skills: biomedical engineering with a focus on signal processing; study design; biostatistical analysis; remote data capture