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Multiple Sclerosis Research Multiple Sclerosis Research Training

Multiple Sclerosis Research Training

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Multiple Sclerosis are dedicated mentors, and offer research training opportunities to medical students, residents, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and clinical fellows.

Resident and Medical Student Research

Residents and medical students interested in research opportunities should contact the investigators below.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Lauren B. Krupp

The research of Lauren B. Krupp, MD, includes measuring the psychosocial impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) relapses in the pediatric age group; defining behavioral and cognitive functioning across the lifespan among individuals with MS; measuring the biologic correlates of childhood adversity and their link to age of MS onset.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Leigh E. Charvet

Leigh E. Charvet, PhD, is working on ongoing clinical trials to develop tDCS and new technologies for clinical use in neurologic and psychiatric conditions; evaluating digital health technologies; and identifying early cognitive markers of prodromal disease with computer-based cognitive testing.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Iyla Kister

Iyla Kister, MD, is examining how disease-modifying therapy for MS affects the development of immune responses to COVID-19 infection and vaccination; and examining how clinical and immunologic differences in MS course vary across different race and ethnic groups.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Giuseppina Pilloni

Giuseppina Pilloni, PhD, is working on validation of digital health technologies (for example, motion sensors, HR monitoring) to yield more objective, precise, and ecological measures of symptom burden and disease course in MS; and identifying markers and mechanisms of action in clinical response to noninvasive brain stimulation and dosing optimization.

Research Fellowships

NYU Langone’s Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center offers fellowships for applicants who wish to obtain further training in MS research. To learn more about our clinical and translational research fellowship program, see our MS fellowships.

Graduate Student Research

We have many graduate research opportunities at the Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center. Graduate students can join in current projects and conduct research on topics related to our research with a faculty mentor. We also have opportunities for graduate students in biostatistics. Please consult your school’s program policies and requirements for more information about choosing a lab.

Postdoctoral Research

The Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center has postdoctoral fellowships in the areas of clinical neuropsychology, biomedical engineering, and cognitive science. In addition, postdoctoral fellows can collaborate with faculty members in their area of focus.