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Neuropsychology Research Neuropsychology Research Faculty

Neuropsychology Research Faculty

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Neuropsychology are research leaders in multiple areas of research.


Christina Morrison, PhD

Director, Division of Neuropsychology
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology


William B. Barr, PhD

Professor, Department of Neurology
Expertise: epilepsy, concussion, memory disorders, traumatic brain injury and dementia, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy
Methodological skills: neuropsychologic testing, cognitive assessment, and behavior and mood assessment


Leigh E. Charvet, PhD

Professor, Department of Neurology
Expertise: neuropsychologic assessment and cognitive interventions, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and other noninvasive brain stimulation therapies, and telehealth
Methodological skills: cognitive and symptom assessment, teleinterventions, tDCS and noninvasive brain stimulation, and statistical analyses of cognitive markers


Alexander B. Chervinsky, PhD

Clinical Professor, Department of Neurology
Expertise: clinical neuropsychology and computerized neuropsychologic test development
Methodological skills: neuropsychologic assessment