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Neuropsychology Research Neuropsychology Research Training

Neuropsychology Research Training

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Neuropsychology are dedicated mentors, and offer research training opportunities to medical students, residents, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and clinical fellows.

Resident and Medical Student Research

Residents and medical students interested in research opportunities should contact the investigators below.

Research Opportunities with Dr. William B. Barr

William B. Barr, PhD, studies cognitive and behavioral disorders in a variety of conditions, including epilepsy, mild traumatic brain injury, and dementia using neuropsychologic assessment methodology. This methodology can be used effectively in independent projects and in conjunction with data obtained neuroimaging (structural and functional), fluid analysis (blood and cerebrospinal fluid), and genetics.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Leigh E. Charvet

Leigh E. Charvet, PhD, is working on ongoing clinical trials to develop tDCS and new technologies for clinical use in neurologic and psychiatric conditions, evaluating digital health technologies, and identifying early cognitive markers of prodromal disease with computer-based cognitive testing.

The research of Alexander B. Chervinsky, PhD, involves developing new computerized neuropsychologic testing tools that use an intuitive multimedia interface. The tests employ touch screen technology, audiovisual presentation, and record audio and video for detailed behavioral analysis. He is comparing the new tests to the existing, traditional paper–pencil techniques on participants with and without cerebral impairment.

Postdoctoral Research

NYU Langone’s Center for Cognitive Neurology is pleased to offer National Institutes of Health (NIH) T32–funded postdoctoral positions in neurodegenerative research. The goal of this program is to train scientists and clinician–scientists to be future leaders in the field of neurodegenerative research that affects pediatric populations.

Neuropsychology Fellowship

The Division of Neuropsychology offers an accredited a two-year full-time postdoctoral fellowship in clinical neuropsychology with a special emphasis on epilepsy. Fellows also gain experience with a wide range of neurologic and psychiatric conditions such as dementia, traumatic brain injuries, and other conditions resulting in brain and behavior dysfunction.

Graduate Student Research

The Division of Neuropsychology’s one-year externships provide graduate students with hands-on training in the care of adults and children, with opportunities for training at inpatient and outpatient NYU Langone locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.