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Neuroscience Institute Publications

Read the latest papers, published in top-tier journals, from scientists at NYU Langone’s Neuroscience Institute.

Recent Publication

Long Lab Finds Brain Regions Involved in ‘Conversation’ in Singing Mice

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Read more: Long Lab Finds Brain Regions Involved in ‘Conversation’ in Singing Mice
Recent Publication

Researchers Identify Hidden Brain Signals Behind Working Memory

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Read more: Researchers Identify Hidden Brain Signals Behind Working Memory

Featured Publications

A glucose-sensing neuron pair regulates insulin and glucagon in Drosophila

Oh, Yangkyun; Lai, Jason Sih-Yu; Mills, Holly J; Erdjument-Bromage, Hediye; Giammarinaro, Benno; Saadipour, Khalil; Wang, Justin G; Abu, Farhan; Neubert, Thomas A; Suh, Greg S B

Nature. 2019 10 ; 574:559-564

A primal role for the vestibular sense in the development of coordinated locomotion

Ehrlich, David E; Schoppik, David

eLife. 2019 10 08; 8:

A dual role of prestimulus spontaneous neural activity in visual object recognition

Podvalny, Ella; Flounders, Matthew W; King, Leana E; Holroyd, Tom; He, Biyu J

Nature communications. 2019 Sep 02; 10:3910

Preserving inhibition during developmental hearing loss rescues auditory learning and perception

Mowery, Todd M; Caras, Melissa L; Hassan, Syeda I; Wang, Derek J; Dimidschstein, Jordane; Fishell, Gord; Sanes, Dan H

Journal of neuroscience. 2019 Aug 26;

Sidekick Is a Key Component of Tricellular Adherens Junctions that Acts to Resolve Cell Rearrangements

Letizia, Annalisa; He, DanQing; Astigarraga, Sergio; Colombelli, Julien; Hatini, Victor; Llimargas, Marta; Treisman, Jessica E

Developmental cell. 2019 Aug 05; 50:313-326.e5

Odor identification in rats: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence of learned olfactory-auditory associations

Olofsson, Jonas K; Zhou, Guangyu; East, Brett S; Zelano, Christina; Wilson, Donald A

eNeuro. 2019 Jul 30;

Neural dynamics of visual ambiguity resolution by perceptual prior

Flounders, Matthew W; González-García, Carlos; Hardstone, Richard; He, Biyu J

eLife. 2019 03 07; 8:

Real-Time Readout of Large-Scale Unsorted Neural Ensemble Place Codes

Hu, Sile; Ciliberti, Davide; Grosmark, Andres D; Michon, Frédéric; Ji, Daoyun; Penagos, Hector; Buzsáki, György; Wilson, Matthew A; Kloosterman, Fabian; Chen, Zhe

Cell reports. 2018 Dec 04; 25:2635-2642.e5