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Neuroscience Institute Research Neuroscience Institute Shared Research Resources

Neuroscience Institute Shared Research Resources

Neuroscientific research is a complex endeavor that requires access to advanced equipment and expertise. Researchers at the Neuroscience Institute rely on shared resources at NYU Langone to ensure that their research projects run optimally.

Experts across the organization, including those in the Division of Advanced Research Technologies and in the Office of Science and Research, support our research and provide the infrastructure needed to translate results into better health outcomes.

Rodent Behavior Laboratory

We offer facilities, equipment, and expertise to quantitatively assess behaviors in animal subjects.

Genotyping Core Laboratory

We provide fast, accurate, and affordable genotyping technologies.

BRAIN Initiative Project

We develop tools and innovative techniques to study oxytocin modulation.

Scientific Cores and Shared Resources

Our scientific cores enhance investigators’ work by providing access to premier research technologies.

Clinical Research

We lead innovative studies to test clinical approaches to preventing and managing disease.

Sponsored Programs Administration

We help researchers submit grant applications and negotiate and finalize grants and research contracts.

Office of Science and Research

We offer a range of resources to help ensure that studies comply with institutional and government guidelines.