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Health Evaluation & Analytics Lab Health Evaluation & Analytics Lab Dataset

Health Evaluation & Analytics Lab Dataset

NYU Langone’s Health Evaluation and Analytics Lab (HEAL) makes our New York State Medicaid claims dataset available to the following stakeholders:

  • community-based organizations
  • researchers
  • healthcare organizations
  • policymakers

Our HEAL team developed algorithms to transform the Medicaid data to a statistically sound form that is readily usable for healthcare studies. We provide the following services:

  • expedited access to Medicaid data
  • simplified DUA process
  • rolled-up analysis files delivered on project start
  • coaching and guidance as needed
  • support materials generated for grants and institutional review board (IRB) approval

If you are interested in using the data, please contact Kamila Kiszko, MPH, program director, at or 646-501-3875.

If you are an employee at NYU Langone, please login to our Population Health Data Hub (Kerberos ID and password required). You will find what you need to acquire Medicaid claims data through the HEAL team, from initial study proposal to final publication of analysis results.