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Health Evaluation & Analytics Lab Health Evaluation & Analytics Lab Projects

Health Evaluation & Analytics Lab Projects

NYU Langone’s Health Evaluation and Analytics Lab works on a range of projects with healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies. We combine our datasets with other sources of information to better understand how to increase healthcare value and improve population health.

Below are samples of our active projects studying different treatment and prevention programs, care models and trends, and other strategies to improve health outcomes.

Predictive Modeling to Identify Super Users of Healthcare Services

This analysis explores how Medicaid claims information can improve statistical models that forecast which types of patients are most likely to become very frequent users of Medicaid services. Many existing models used by providers rely on clinical electronic health records data, but claims data allow for consideration of services received from all types of care providers.

Patterns of Opioid Prescribing Practices Across New York State

This project takes a comprehensive look at how opioid prescribing patterns have changed over time in different parts of New York State. The study also explores whether high prescribing rates are related to increased spending on substance use disorder treatment services.

Health Outcomes Associated with Spending Time in Jail

This project studies changes in healthcare needs and use before and after incarceration among a large sample of people who spend time in jail. The study also assesses whether time in jail disrupts patterns of prescription use in people with chronic illness.

Assessing the Impact of Health Homes on Patients with Diabetes

Led by a team of researchers from Mount Sinai Health System and the New York Academy of Medicine, this project uses Medicaid claims data and linked clinical data from medical records to take a detailed look at how health homes change patterns of care among people with diabetes in New York City. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) funds the project.

Linking Clinical Data with Medicaid Claims Data

A collaboration with researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College, this project links data from the electronic health records of five New York–based academic health centers with our Medicaid claims file. The resulting dataset can be used by researchers across New York to assess clinical and cost outcomes associated with medical care and social service innovations. PCORI funds this initiative.

Linking Medicaid Claims Data with Data Measuring Social Determinants of Health

This project links information from non–health sector programs and policies—including education, public housing, corrections, transportation, and social services—with information about medical care use and expenses for Medicaid patients. Investigators are studying the relationship between a range of social policies and health outcomes and developing various metrics for tracking the impact of these policies, which can be applied in settings across the country. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds this initiative. Learn more about this project at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service’s Policies for Action Hub.

Embedding Community Health Workers in Public Housing Projects

This demonstration project tracks the impact of community health workers located on-site at public housing projects in East Harlem on the use of medical services among Medicaid-eligible residents. The Robin Hood Foundation funds this project.