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Department of Psychiatry Research Psychiatry Publications

Psychiatry Publications

Physician–scientists in NYU Langone’s Department of Psychiatry publish their research in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals.

Identifying subtypes of PTSD to promote precision medicine

Siegel, Carole; Laska, Eugene

Neuropsychopharmacology. 2022 Jan ; 47:379-380

Evaluation of neighborhood resources and mental health in American military Veterans using geographic information systems

Shin Park, Young; Wyman, Jean F.; McMorris, Barbara J.; Pruinelli, Lisiane; Song, Ying; Kaas, Merrie J.; Sherman, Scott E.; Fu, Steven

Preventive medicine reports. 2021 Dec 01; 24:?-?

Bilateral Distance Partition of Periventricular and Deep White Matter Hyperintensities: Performance of the Method in the Aging Brain

Chen, Jingyun; Mikheev, Artem V; Yu, Han; Gruen, Matthew D; Rusinek, Henry; Ge, Yulin

Academic radiology. 2021 Dec ; 28:1699-1708

MPRO: A Professionalism Curriculum to Enhance the Professional Identity Formation of University Premedical Students

Merlo, Gia; Ryu, Hanjun; Harris, Toi B; Coverdale, John

Medical education online. 2021 Dec ; 26:1886224

Reiff, C M; Richman, E E; Nemeroff, C B; Carpenter, L L; Widge, A S; Rodriguez, C I; Kalin, N H; McDonald, W M

Focus : the journal of lifelong learning in psychiatry. 2021 December; 19:95-115

Cost-effectiveness implications of increasing the efficiency of the extended-release naltrexone induction process for the treatment of opioid use disorder: a secondary analysis

Murphy, Sean M; Jeng, Philip J; McCollister, Kathryn E; Leff, Jared A; Jalali, Ali; Shulman, Matisyahu; Lee, Joshua D; Nunes, Edward V; Novo, Patricia; Rotrosen, John; Schackman, Bruce R

Addiction. 2021 Dec ; 116:3444-3453

Gene Expression Of Methylation Cycle And Related Genes In Lymphocytes And Brain Of Patients With Schizophrenia And Non-Psychotic Controls

Sershen, Henry; Guidotti, Alessandro; Auta, James; Drnevich, Jenny; Grayson, Dennis R; Veldic, Marin; Meyers, Jordan; Youseff, Mary; Zhubi, Adrian; Faurot, Keturah; Wu, Renrong; Zhao, Jingping; Jin, Hua; Lajtha, Abel; Davis, John M; Smith, Robert C

Biomarkers in neuropsychiatry. 2021 Dec ; 5:

Hypertension, diabetes, and corresponding annual clinical testing utilization: Comparison between Asian Indians and other races/ethnicities

Visaria, A; Islam, S; Polamarasetti, P; James, J; Raju, P; Sharma, A; Khangura, K K; Thawani, R; Dodani, S

Preventive medicine (1972). 2021 December; 153: