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Department of Psychiatry Research Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Research

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Research

Physician–scientists in NYU Langone’s Department of Psychiatry work on improving the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Under the guidance of Charles R. Marmar, MD, department director, our research team leads the way in this field with numerous clinical studies, ongoing grant funding, and frequent publication in peer-reviewed journals.

We have many areas of study, including the underlying pathophysiology of the disorder, the identification of biomarkers to more accurately diagnose and treat the condition, and assessment of the efficacy and safety of novel treatments. Our goal is to advance precision medicine for post-traumatic stress disorder by marrying sophisticated diagnostic testing with highly effective and tailored therapeutics.

Our analytics team, led by Carole Siegel, PhD, and Eugene M. Laska, PhD, develops new research methods and assists with experimental design and hypothesis testing to push the boundaries of our scientific investigations in post-traumatic stress disorder. The team also provides statistical support to our researchers and offers advanced design, protocol, and analysis planning for all research projects.

Machine learning is an integral part of our research program and enables our scientists to more accurately classify post-traumatic stress disorder, which is phenotypically heterogeneous. Researchers apply machine learning to clinical trial methodology to analyze which patients actively respond to a medication (as compared with placebo), according to collected biomarkers. Our researchers are also developing precision medicine algorithms to analyze clinical trial data to better inform personalized medicine. Their goal is to help clinicians determine which treatments are the best options for specific groups of patients.

Our department’s expertise in this area is reflected in the textbook Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, coedited by Dr. Marmar. He and several of our department faculty contributed to chapters in the book, which addresses the diagnosis, epidemiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of the condition in various populations, as well as new research developments.

Clinical Studies

In addition to Enhancing Fear Extinction via Angiotensin Type 1 Receptor Inhibition: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, a collaborative study with physician–scientists in our anxiety, stress, and prolonged grief research program, and investigations within our new Center for the Study of Alcohol Use Disorder and Traumatic Stress, we are conducting the following clinical studies.

Cohen Veterans Center Military Family Clinic

Dr. Marmar and his colleagues are using machine learning to assess 18 speech markers in patients at NYU Langone’s Steven and Alexandra Cohen Veterans Center for the Study of Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. Speech assessment can be used as a noninvasive, relatively inexpensive, and rapid tool for screening and may help clinicians determine who needs psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, or transcranial neurostimulation. Additionally, high-throughput voice screening can rapidly determine who is at risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder and who is not.

Research Therapeutics

Dr. Marmar is conducting a randomized, controlled study of cannabidiol in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Preliminary evidence suggests that cannabidiol may help reduce stress and anxiety in patients with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.

Current Grants

Our funding comes from government agencies, not-for-profit foundations, and private corporations. Our current grants include the following.

Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation

Cohen Veterans Center Military Family Clinic

Bank of America

Research Therapeutics

Research Training

Our faculty provide research training and mentee opportunities to medical students, residents, fellows, and postdoctoral students.

Research Faculty

Our research faculty are leaders in the scientific investigation of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Charles R. Marmar, MD
Esther Blessing, MD, PhD
Eugene M. Laska, PhD
Carole Siegel, PhD

Contact Us

For more information about our post-traumatic stress disorder research program, please contact Dr. Marmar at

Recent Publications

Our faculty regularly publish on post-traumatic stress disorder in peer-reviewed journals. Here is a selection of our recent publications.

Molecular signatures of post-traumatic stress disorder in war-zone-exposed veteran and active-duty soldiers

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Cell reports. Medicine. 2023 May 16; 4:101045

Screening for PTSD and TBI in Veterans using Routine Clinical Laboratory Blood Tests

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Translational psychiatry. 2023 Feb 21; 13:64

Traumatic stress symptoms in family caregivers of patients with acute leukaemia: protocol for a multisite mixed methods, longitudinal, observational study

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The Genetic Basis for the Increased Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Patients

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International journal of molecular sciences. 2022 Oct 19; 23:

Randomized controlled experimental study of hydrocortisone and D-cycloserine effects on fear extinction in PTSD

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Enhancing Discovery of Genetic Variants for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Through Integration of Quantitative Phenotypes and Trauma Exposure Information

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A DNA methylation clock associated with age-related illnesses and mortality is accelerated in men with combat PTSD

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Pre-deployment risk factors for PTSD in active-duty personnel deployed to Afghanistan: a machine-learning approach for analyzing multivariate predictors

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