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Division of General Surgery General Surgery Research

General Surgery Research

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of General Surgery are actively involved in clinical and translational research that innovates surgical techniques and technologies and improves the quality of care we provide.

Pancreatic Disease

In addition to treating patients with pancreatic disease at our Pancreatitis Program, our faculty conduct ongoing clinical and scientific research through our Pancreatic Disease Laboratory to learn more about the body’s immune response to pancreatitis, including regulatory immune cells and their response. Through this type of research, we hope to further individualize patient care by identifying those patients who require more aggressive treatment and those who may require no treatment.

Robotic Surgery

Faculty at our clinical Robotic Surgery Center conduct research to advance the field and train medical professionals from across the country in the latest techniques on the newest instruments and systems.

Surgical Quality Improvement Program

In 2013, NYU Langone, then NYU Langone Medical Center, joined the American College of Surgeons (ACS) National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) registry. Initially began as a quality improvement program for 133 Veterans Health Administration hospitals, NSQIP is now a national program in which more than 700 hospitals participate. Tanuja Damani, MD, vice chair of quality and innovation in surgery and chief of the Division of General Surgery, oversees NYU Langone’s participation in the program.

For each adult who undergoes a major surgical procedure at NYU Langone—with the exception of cardiac surgery, which has its own quality measurement system and patients who fall under certain other categories—staff record hundreds of variables such as preoperative risk factors, length of hospital stay, occurrence of pneumonia or sepsis, and 30-day postoperative mortality and morbidity. These data are submitted through the NSQIP Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)–compliant platform. NSQIP shares the data with all participating hospitals, allowing them to benchmark complication rates and surgical outcomes and create plans for improving quality.

Current Clinical Trials

Faculty across our division conduct clinical research that innovates and tests new treatments and technologies. View all NYU Langone clinical trials currently seeking enrollees and search trials by condition or investigator.