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General Surgery Publications

NYU Langone’s Division of General Surgery faculty publish frequently in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Below is a selection of the most recent publications across our faculty.

Preoperative cross-sectional imaging findings in patients with surgically complex ileocolic Crohn's disease

Dane, Bari; Remzi, Feza H; Grieco, Michael; Ginocchio, Luke; Erkan, Arman; Esen, Eren; Dogru, Volkan; Huang, Chenchan

Abdominal radiology. 2022 Nov 03;

Implementation of a formal sleep center-based screening protocol for primary aldosteronism in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Wright, Kyla; Mahmoudi, Mandana; Agrawal, Nidhi; Simpson, Hope; Lui, Michael S; Pachter, H Leon; Patel, Kepal; Prescott, Jason; Suh, Insoo

Surgery. 2022 Oct 02;

Standardization of MRI Screening and Reporting in Individuals With Elevated Risk of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Consensus Statement of the PRECEDE Consortium

Huang, Chenchan; Simeone, Diane M; Luk, Lyndon; Hecht, Elizabeth M; Khatri, Gaurav; Kambadakone, Avinash; Chandarana, Hersh; Ream, Justin M; Everett, Jessica N; Guimaraes, Alexander; Liau, Joy; Dasyam, Anil K; Harmath, Carla; Megibow, Alec J

AJR. American journal of roentgenology. 2022 Sep 28; 1-12

Concordance of financial disclosures among faculty at the 2018-2020 SAGES annual meetings

Lois, Alex; Schwarz, Erin; Shadduck, Phillip; Denk, Peter; Sinha, Prashant; Lima, Diego L; Scarritt, Thomas; Sylla, Patricia A; Reinke, Caroline

Surgical endoscopy. 2022 Sep 23;

Publisher Correction: Impact of type of minimally invasive approach on open conversions across ten common procedures in different specialties

Shah, Paresh C; de Groot, Alexander; Cerfolio, Robert; Huang, William C; Huang, Kathy; Song, Chao; Li, Yanli; Kreaden, Usha; Oh, Daniel S

Surgical endoscopy. 2022 Sep ; 36:7075

DNMT3A/miR-129-2-5p/Rac1 Is an Effector Pathway for SNHG1 to Drive Stem-Cell-like and Invasive Behaviors of Advanced Bladder Cancer Cells

Xu, Jiheng; Yang, Rui; Li, Jingxia; Wang, Lidong; Cohen, Mitchell; Simeone, Diane M; Costa, Max; Wu, Xue-Ru

Cancers. 2022 Aug 27; 14:

Functional and biological heterogeneity of KRASQ61 mutations

Huynh, Minh V; Hobbs, G Aaron; Schaefer, Antje; Pierobon, Mariaelena; Carey, Leiah M; Diehl, J Nathaniel; DeLiberty, Jonathan M; Thurman, Ryan D; Cooke, Adelaide R; Goodwin, Craig M; Cook, Joshua H; Lin, Lin; Waters, Andrew M; Rashid, Naim U; Petricoin, Emanuel F; Campbell, Sharon L; Haigis, Kevin M; Simeone, Diane M; Lyssiotis, Costas A; Cox, Adrienne D; Der, Channing J

Science signaling. 2022 Aug 09; 15:eabn2694

Management, Functional Outcomes and Quality of Life After Development of Pelvic Sepsis in Patients Undergoing Re-Do Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis

Esen, Eren; Grieco, Michael J; Erkan, Arman; Aytac, Erman; Sutter, Alton G; Lynn, Patricio B; Esterow, Joanna L; Da Luz Moreira, Andre; Kirat, Hasan T; Remzi, Feza H

Diseases of the colon & rectum. 2022 Aug 01; 65:e790-e796