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Medical Student Health & Wellness Services New Medical Student Health Requirements

New Medical Student Health Requirements

NYU Grossman School of Medicine requires that incoming medical students meet mandatory health entrance requirements prior to matriculation. Newly admitted students should begin this process as soon as possible to allow ample time to gather health information, complete necessary screening, and receive needed immunizations.

Required Preadmission Health Forms

Complete the mandatory NYU Grossman School of Medicine health packet to document your medical history, physical examination, blood work, and the receipt of certain vaccinations prior to your arrival. The following elements must be provided to Student Health Service:

Incoming students should schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider (cannot be a family member), as soon as possible, to review the mandatory health packet and complete requirements.

We strongly recommend that all medical students receive a meningococcal conjugate vaccine (at least one dose of Menveo or Menactra after the age of 16 and within the previous 5 years); however, students can submit a meningococcal vaccine refusal form to waive this requirement.

How to Submit Required Health Information

Please submit all required health documents, or any questions you may have about health entrance requirements, to the Student Health Service at