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Health Insurance for Medical Students

NYU Grossman School of Medicine offers students a comprehensive health insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare. Although the cost of much of the care you receive at Student Health Service is covered under the student activity fee, health insurance is needed to pay for services that we can’t or don’t provide. This includes emergency care, hospitalization, specialty care, physical therapy, prescriptions, and care received when you are away from campus.

To avoid the high costs that can result from unforeseen medical issues, all students must carry health insurance—either through our plan or through another that offers comparable benefits. Students can be reimbursed for certain medical care expenses using the UnitedHealthcare Insurance claim form.

Insurance Enrollment

As a registered student, you are automatically enrolled in our UnitedHealthcare plan during the first registered quarter of each academic year, unless you sign a waiver and provide proof of other insurance coverage.

Whatever you decide about your coverage, it’s important that you access the NYU Grossman School of Medicine UnitedHealthcare insurance portal for students (it requires a university ID number from your NYUCard ID) and log in each year during open enrollment to acknowledge your benefits or to waive your participation, if you have acceptable alternative insurance.

Coverage options do not automatically carry over from one academic year to the next. Existing insurance waivers, family medical coverage, and any dental coverage must be renewed. If you fail to renew them, your plan automatically defaults to individual coverage. You also lose your dental coverage.

Medical and Prescription Benefits

If you opt for the NYU Grossman School of Medicine UnitedHealthcare insurance plan and receive care from participating providers in the UnitedHealthcare network, in-network benefits for healthcare services are provided at the highest level of coverage available. If you receive treatment from nonparticipating providers, your out-of-pocket expenses are higher.

Optional Dental Benefits

We offer optional dental insurance through Cigna Dental HMO. Cigna Dental Care HMO covers up to four diagnostic or preventive oral evaluations each year with an in-network dentist, as well as specialty dental care with a referral to network-specialty periodontists or oral surgeons.

Vision Plans

Medical students have the option to enroll in individual vision plans through VSP®. All the vision plan options provide an annual comprehensive eye exam and contact lens or frame allowance. You can review plan options, including coverage details, out-of-pocket costs and premiums, find an eye doctor, and enroll at any time by visiting If you have any questions or need assistance, contact VSP® at 1-800-785-0699.

Medical students of NYU Grossman School of Medicine can receive a 10 percent discount on several elective out-of-pocket procedures at the NYU Langone Eye Center, including refractive surgery (PRK or LASIK), contact lens fittings, and contact lenses. The optical store at Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health also offers medical students package deals on frames and lenses ranging from $80 to $250. You can be fitted for and purchase the latest prescription eyewear including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and optical accessories.

Benefit Plan Details

You can access details about your medical and dental plans on the Benefits Portal (a Kerberos ID and password are required) by selecting the Learn About Your Options tab.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

All students are automatically enrolled in a disability insurance plan that pays a monthly benefit in the event of a disability caused by illness or injury. This coverage is offered through Med Plus Advantage and sponsored by the American Medical Association. Learn more about the Medical Student Group Disability Insurance Policy.

Insurance Premiums and Coverage Dates

The premiums listed are what you pay up front to enroll in the benefits plans we offer. Keep in mind that these are not the only costs associated with the care you receive. When you receive care, you may have to pay deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, which represent the share of cost you are responsible for paying out of your own pocket.

UnitedHealthcare Annual Insurance Premiums 2021-2022

Student only: $6,960
Student and spouse: $13,920
Student and one child: $13,920
Student, spouse, and one child: $20,880
Student and two or more children: $20,880
Student, spouse, and two or more children: $27,840

Cigna Dental HMO Annual Premiums 2021-22

Student only: $153.72
Student +1 Dependent: $263.76
Student and family: $395.52

Benefit Coverage Dates

Students in the classes of 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 who enroll in the medical and/or dental plan are covered from August 1, 2021 through July 31, 2022. If you choose to waive coverage for the academic year, that decision is not reversible; you must wait until the following year to enroll.

Criteria for Waiving Insurance Coverage

To waive coverage in the NYU Grossman School of Medicine–UnitedHealthcare insurance plan, students must have an alternative insurance plan that meets the following criteria:

  • It is effective from August 1, 2021 through July 31, 2022.
  • It is operated by a company in the United States, with a U.S. address for claims submission and customer service.
  • It covers both outpatient and inpatient medical and psychiatric care in the New York City area, including substance abuse treatment.
  • It covers medically necessary out-of-network medical and psychiatric care.
  • It covers urgent and emergency care in the New York City area.
  • It includes prescription drug coverage and payment for laboratory and radiology services.
  • It meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, including coverage for preexisting conditions and minimum and maximum coverage and deductibles.

Download the medical student waiver form.

If your alternative insurance coverage ends during the academic year, you must enroll in the UnitedHealthcare insurance plan offered by NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Coverage takes effect the first day of the month following your enrollment.

Medicaid Consideration

Requests to waive NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s student health insurance plan may be approved if you have active Medicaid insurance. Before you choose Medicaid coverage over the student health insurance plan, it’s important to consider the gaps that may exist in your Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid may not cover your needs if you get sick out of state or while traveling abroad. Additionally, referral options are extremely limited within New York City. Students may find that they can only receive medical care within the NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue system, which, although it provides good care, often has substantial waits for specialist appointments and long waits on the day of the appointment. Currently, out-of-state Medicaid does not meet our coverage criteria for a waiver of student health insurance.

It is also important to consider care you might need in the future, such as eye exams or dermatology visits, before selecting Medicaid as your carrier. We encourage you to speak with the Student Health Service before choosing and applying for Medicaid.

Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding medical student health insurance enrollment or waivers, contact the NYU Langone Health Benefits Office at 212-404-3787, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. They can also provide day-to-day benefits assistance to students, faculty, physicians, and staff, who are already enrolled in one of our health insurance plans.