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Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Elective Catalog Children's Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program Elective

Children's Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program Elective

Preceptor: Qortini Lang, M.D.
Course Code: 14-19
Contact: Jeffrey Sanchez,

Prerequisites: General Psychiatry Clerkship


This elective gives the student the unique opportunity to participate in the evaluation, diagnosis, and the short-term treatment planning for patients in the Bellevue C-CPEP. Under close supervision by the faculty and staff of this service, the student gains experience in interviewing, diagnosing, and managing the acute psychiatric patient. The student sees a very wide range of pathology from adjustment disorders to frank psychoses to complex multisystem illnesses and be exposed to challenges in navigating complex systems of care.

Objectives of the Elective

The objectives of the elective are as follows: Perform a thorough mental status exam. Differentiate functional from organic disorders. Define and identify common psychotic, affective and characterological disorders. Recognize interaction of substance abuse with other syndromes. Assess dangerous ideation and behavior. Make appropriate disposition decisions. Appropriately utilize medications and recognize major side effects. Demonstrate appropriate use of chemical and physical restraint. Understand and comply with the Mental Hygiene Law.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

  1. Evaluate and follow patients as a consultant under house staff and attending physician supervision.
  2. Attend the NYU Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds weekly (90 minutes).
  3. Attend the NYU Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry resident didactics.
  4. Attend one Furman diagnostic clinic weekly, observing outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry evaluations (120-180 minutes).
  5. When possible, attend the weekly NYU Child Study Center case conference held Fridays at 9AM (120 minutes).

Didactic Program

In addition to the activities listed above, there will be individual weekly supervision and daily review of clinical work, charting, and case write-ups. Students are provided articles from the clinical and scientific literature of child and adolescent psychiatry. Students are expected to attend and participate in the service weekly evaluation conferences (120 minutes), weekly disposition conferences (180 minutes), and in-patient pediatric psychosocial rounds.

Method of Evaluation

Evaluation of the student occurs through direct observation and supervisory feedback on a frequent basis. A written evaluation of the elective student's work is completed at the end of the elective. An important part of the student’s evaluation is his or her presentation at conference.

Scheduling Information

Months offered: All year
Report to: Bellevue Hospital "C-CPEP" ground floor
Students per period: 1-2
Duration: Four weeks