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Office of Medical Education Elective Catalog Review of Gross Anatomy Elective

Review of Gross Anatomy Elective

Preceptor: Vicky Harnik, PhD, Kristen Ramirez, MPhil
Course Code: 02-01
Telephone: 212-263-5363
Contact: Vicky Harnik by email,

Prerequisites: None


This elective is designed for the medical student who wishes to review gross anatomy before entering a residency. The student completes an extensive review of gross anatomy using specimens from the anatomical museum and the model collection. During this portion of the course, the student describes specific anatomical regions to the group. After the initial review, the student then selects a region of interest and with instructor approval devises an independent dissection plan. The student presents his/her findings during oral presentation followed by a group discussion.

Objectives of the Elective

The elective is an advanced study of human gross anatomy just prior to residency. The student must have completed a basic Human Gross Anatomy course.

Key Responsibilities of the Student While on the Elective

  1. The student will complete an extensive review of the Gross Anatomy of an area or areas of interest. During this period the student is required to identify an anatomical region, present clinical problems of interest, and the pertinent gross anatomy related to these clinical problems.
  2. During the second part of the elective the student will select an anatomical region to dissect and with the instructor approval devise an independent dissection plan. The student will present his/her findings and the important clinical problems associated with the region to group.
  3. This elective requires four days a week of dissection, review and preparation. The student must participate in the dissection and give a presentation.

Didactic Program

The student must participate in dissection and give a presentation.

Method of Evaluation

Instructor evaluation of student's participation.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: Two weeks in March, April and May
Report To: Anatomy Lab Coles G07
Students Per Period: Maximum of 8 (NYU Grossman School of Medicine students only)
Duration: Two Weeks