About Us

Founded in 1947, the Department of Environmental Medicine at New York University School of Medicine is one of the nation's oldest and foremost centers for research into the health effects of environmental pollution. Its faculty has expertise in a wide range of environmental problems. The Department of Environmental Medicine is both a department in the NYU School of Medicine and an institute within NYU Medical Center. The Department's main research and teaching facility is located 40 miles N.W. of Manhattan in Sterling Forest, NY. The Sterling Forest facilities encompass about 72,000 square feet of lab, teaching, and office space.

Our graduate program offers both Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in environmental health sciences, with focused study concentrations in biostatistics, epidemiology, exposure assessment and health effects, molecular toxicology/carcinogenesis, and systemic toxicology with specialties in both inhalation toxicology and aquatic toxicology.

In addition to our degree programs and ongoing research the Institute's Community Outreach and Education Program (COEP) helps to increase public understanding of complex environmental health issues and helps to reduce misconceptions about toxic chemicals in our air, water, and inside our homes. Once accurately informed, individuals can make better decisions regarding prevention and unintentional exposures. Our scientists also reach out to students who are interested in getting more involved in environmental health science by participating in some of our “Science in Action” student programs and laboratory mentoring initiatives.