NYU Cardiology Publishes Comprehensive Analyses on Efficacy and Safety of Stents

NYU Cardiology investigators, led by Sripal Bangalore, MD, MHA, pooled data from 57,138 patients enrolled in 77 randomized controlled trials published up to mid-March 2012 to evaluate the short- and long-term outcomes of patients with drug-eluding and bare metal coronary stents. 

This largest and most comprehensive analysis to-date of various FDA approved stents provides insights into relative efficacy and safety of these stents and dispels the popular notion that bare metal stents are safer than drug eluting stents. The results show that among the stents, everolimus eluting stent, zotarolimus eluting RESOLUTE stent and sirolimus eluting stents had the best efficacy (i.e., lowest restenosis) whereas everolimus eluting stents had the best safety; the lowest stent thrombosis rate, lower than bare metal stents.

To access the article on the Circulation website, please click here