Our Faculty

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Marina Abeleva, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Inna Abramova, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Anthony Accurso, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jennifer Adams, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Olubunmi Adeoye, MBBS, Clinical Instructor

Lawrence Adler, MD, Clinical Instructor

Nicole Adler, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Tauqeer Ahmad, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Albert Ahn, MD, Clinical Instructor

Adenike Akitoye, MD, MPH, Clinical Instructor

Mikhail Akselrud, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Samuel Akuoku, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Anis Alam, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Teodorico Alcantara, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Kathryn Alcarez, MD, Clinical Instructor

David Alfandre, MD, MSPH, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Dhuha Alhankawi, MBBCH, Clinical Instructor

Saleem Ali, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Jessica Allan, MD, Clinical Instructor

Youssef Alraei, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Lawrence Altman, MD, Clinical Professor

Lisa Altshuler, PhD, Assistant Professor (Research)

Alison Amsterdam, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Scott Andes, DO, Clinical Instructor

Arshad Anwar, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Azuka Anyoku, MBBCH, Clinical Instructor

Obiora Anyoku, MBBCH, Clinical Instructor

Angela Arbach, MD, Instructor

Ramin Asgary, MD, MPH Clinical Assistant Professor

Anna Asloyan, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Jonathan Austrian, MD, Assistant Professor

Irina Avruchevskaya, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Maha Awikeh, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Myint Aye, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Rotimi Ayoola, MD, Clinical Instructor

Soussan Ayubcha, MD, Clinical Instructor


Rajeev Babbar, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Douglas Bails, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Douglas Bailyn, MD, Clinical Instructor

Amarpreet Bains, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Lisa Baker, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michele Baltus, MD, Clinical Instructor

Liana Barkan, MD, Clinical Instructor

Edward Barnes, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Paul Basch, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Mirabai Batra, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Jeannette Beasley, PhD, MPH, RD, Assistant Professor (Research)

Caren Behar, MD Clinical Associate Professor

Henry Bellutta, MD, Clinical Instructor

Yanina Belotserkovskaya, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Marvin Belsky, MD, Clinical Instructor

Philip Benanti, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Peter Berczeller, MD, Clinical Professor

Arnold Berlin, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Carolyn Berry, PhD, Associate Professor

Anthony Bertelle, MD, Clinical Instructor

Nathan Bertelsen, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Raja Bhatia, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Benjamin Bier, MD, Instructor

Julie Bikhman, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Dominic Biney-Amissah, MD, Clinical Instructor

Claire Binsol , DO, Clinical Instructor

Yelena Birger, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Eric Blacher, MD, Clinical Instructor

Saul Blecker, MD, Assistant Professor

Amy Bleyer, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jan Blustein, MD, PhD, Professor of Health Policy and Management (Wagner) and Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Ellen Blye, MD, Clinical Instructor

Rebecca Page Bomar, MD, Clinical Instructor

Mina Botros, MD, Instructor

Kathryn Bowman, MD, Instructor

Michael Brabeck, MD, Associate Professor

Ronald Scott Braithwaite, MD, MPH, MSc, Professor

Jared Braunstein, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Noam Broder, MD, Instructor

Yadiera Brown, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jeffrey Buckner, MD, Clinical Instructor

Lynn Buckvar-Keltz, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Krisczar Bungay, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jedidiah Burack, MD, Clinical Instructor

Stanley Burns, MD, Clinical Professor

Michael Bush, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Christopher Busillo, MD, Clinical Instructor

Esther Butler, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor


Sonia Cabrera-Quezada, MD, Clinical Instructor

Joseph Cady, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Min Cai, MD, Clinical Instructor

Renee Cai, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Sheila Cain, MD, Clinical Instructor

Rob Caldwell, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Alessandra Calvo-Friedman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Cantor, MD, Associate Professor

Nina Caplin, MD, Assistant Professor

Vincent Carmusciano, MD, Clinical Instructor

Sixto Caro, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Cathy Carron, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jennifer Caruana, DO, Clinical Instructor

Joseph Caruana, MD, Clinical Instructor

Gerard Casale, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Patrick Cavanaugh, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Raymond Chan, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Robin Chan, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yeoman Chan, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Jonathan Chang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Mitchell Charap, MD, Professor

Henry Chen, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Qiyuan Chen, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yu Chen, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor

Santo Chiarello, MD, Clinical Instructor

Sammy Chitayat, MD, Clinical Instructor

Sungwai Chiu, MD, Clinical Instructor

James Cho, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Grace Cho, MD, Instructor

David Chokshi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Population Health & Medicine

Leslie Chuang, MD, Clinical Instructor

Paola Cicero Sosa, MD, Clinical Instructor

Elliot Coburn, MD, Instructor

Patrick Cocks, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Robert Cohen, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Samuel Cohen, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Molly Collins, MD, Clinical Instructor

James Cone, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Catherine Constable, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

John Coyne, MD, Clinical Instructor

Anne Crenesse-Cozien, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Kelly Crotty, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Ruth Crowe, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Rogelio Cruz, MD, Instructor


Ronald Dailey, MD, Clinical Instructor

Isaac Dapkins, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Arundhati Das, MBBCH, Clinical Instructor

Morton Davidson, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Peter Davidson, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Nina Dayen, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Sue Decotis, MD, Clinical Instructor

Aran Degenhardt, MD, Clinical Instructor

Bianca DeLa Cruz, MD, Adjunct Instructor

John Dellosso, MD, Clinical Instructor

John DeLuca, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Anne Dembitzer, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Sheetal Desai-Oghra, MD, Clinical Instructor

Peter D'Eustachio, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Medicine

Joseph DeVito, MD, Clinical Instructor

Satish Dhalla, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Marylee Dilling, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Linh Dinh, MD, Clinical Instructor

Reno DiScala, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jason Dolinsky, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jennifer Dong, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Lisa Durso, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor


Elizabeth Edelstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jillian Edmunds, DO, Clinical Instructor

Kevin Eerkes, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Peggy-Rose Elango, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Brian Elbel, PhD, MPH, MA,Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Elsayed Eldeeb, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Mary Ellis, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Roger Emert, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

John Emy, MD, Clinical Instructor

Anelise Engel, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jeffrey Engel, MD, Clinical Instructor

Ronald Englert, DO, Clinical Instructor

Boris Epstein, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Micheline Epstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Hermann Escobar, DO, Clinical Instructor

Alexandra Etkin, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yanina Etlis, DO, Clinical Instructor


Ian Fagan, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Andrew Fagelman, MD, MBA, Clinical Instructor

Samir Fahmy, MD, FACP, Adjunct Instructor

Robert Fakheri, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Anahita Fallahi, MD, Instructor

Cindy Fang, MD, Instructor

Laila Farhat, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Roya Fathollahi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Meena Fatimi, MD, Instructor

Laszlo Feher, MD, Clinical Instructor

George Feinbaum, MD, Clinical Instructor

Deborah Feiner, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Brian Feingold, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Feingold, MD, Clinical Instructor

Sabrina Felson, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Simon Fensterszaub, DO,  Clinical Assistant Professor

David Fierstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Mark Fierstein, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Alexandra Fingesten, MD, Clinical Instructor

Olga Filipova, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Edward Fishkin, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Gabriel Foster, MD, Instructor

Klara Fradlis, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Martin Fried, MD, Instructor

Jennifer Friedberg, PhD, Assistant Professor (Research) of Medicine and Psychiatry

Jeffrey Friedman, MD, Clinical Professor

Alina Frolova, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Chung Wen Fu, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Irina Fuchs, DO, Adjunct Instructor



Francesca Gany, MD, MS, Adjunct Associate Professor

Ann Garment, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Paul Gazzara, MD, Clinical Instructor

Irina Gekker, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Sandra Gelbard, MD, Clinical Instructor

Leonard Genovese, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Oksana Genzer, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Harold German, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Inna Geyler, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Arnab Ghosh, MD, Clinical Instructor

Holly Gilbert, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Colleen Gillespie, PhD, Assistant Professor

Vesna Gizdavcic, MD, Clinical Instructor

Debbie Glass, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Glasser, MD, Clinical Instructor

Alexander Golberg, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Heather Gold, PhD, Associate Professor (Research)

Eric Goldberg, MD, FACP, Clinical Assistant Professor

Victor Goldbetter, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Gary Goldman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Robert Goldman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Andrew Goldstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Paul Goldstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Lin Gong, MD, Adjunct Instructor

James Goodrich, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Genrietta Gordon, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Chloe Gorga, MD, Clinical Instructor

Scott Gottlieb, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Marc Gourevitch, MD, MPH, Muriel G. and George W. Singer Professor of Population Health/Medicine

Laura Grady, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Edward Greaney, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Luba Greeder, MD, Clinical Instructor

Richard Greene, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Anthony Grieco, MD, Associate Dean for Alumni Relations and Academic Events; Professor

Michael Grill, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Monica Grover, DO, Clinical Instructor

Damara Gutnick, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)


How Wan Ha, MD, Clinical Instructor

Andre Haddad, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Syra Hanif, MD, Clinical Instructor

Kathleen Hanley, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Nowreen Haq, MPH, MBBCH, Clinical Assistant Professor

Charles Harewood, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Elizabeth Haskins, MD, Clinical Instructor

Kevin Hauck, MD, Instructor

Allen Hauptman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Vivian Hayashi, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Fu Fu He, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yong Kang He, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Mohamed Helal, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Budd Heyman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Douglas Hirshon, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Stuart Hisler, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Lawrence Hitzeman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Colette Ho, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Katherine Hochman, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Eileen Hoffman, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Wayne Holman, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Isaac Holmes, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Henry Hom, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Allan Horland, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Margaret Horlick, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Leora Horwitz, MD, MHS, Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Ricky Hsu, MD, Clinical Instructor

Andy Hu, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Amy Huang, MD, Clinical Instructor

Liwen Huang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yanhan Huang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

John Hwang, MD, Instructor

Jeffrey Hyman, MD, Adjunct Instructor


Tatyana Ingberman, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Inna Inoyatova, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Daryl Isaacs, MB, ChB, Clinical Instructor

Yelena Iskhakova, MD, Clinical Instructor

Hillel Isseroff, MD, Clinical Instructor

Eduardo Iturrate, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Boris Ivkov, MD, Clinical Instructor


Marilyn Jackson, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Umair Jangda, MD, Instructor

Regina Janicik, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Janjigian, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Vincent Jarvis, MD, MPH, Clinical Instructor

Melanie Jay, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Neha Jindal, MD, Instructor

Maurice Johnson, MD, Clinical Instructor

Vicky Jones, MD, Clinical Instructor

Ramsey Joudeh, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Josephine Julian, MD, Clinical Instructor


Andzhelika Kagzanova, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Stephen Kaiser, MD, Clinical Instructor

Christine Kakoulas, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Adina Kalet, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Surgery

Lisa Kalik, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Vladimir Kalika, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Gary Kalkut, MD, MPH, Professor (Clinical of Population Health and Medicine)

Habib Kamkhaji, MD, Clinical Instructor

Socrates Kangadis, MD, Clinical Instructor

Yelena Karasina, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Karthik Karibandi, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Sue Kaplan, JD, Research Associate Professor

David Kaufman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Yevgeniya Kaykova, MD, Clinical Instructor

Edwin Keeshan, MD, Clinical Instructor

Katherine Keil , MD, Clinical Instructor

Allen Keller, MD, Associate Professor

Janine Kelly, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Kelter, MD, Clinical Instructor

James Kennedy, MD, Clinical Professor

Faika Khan, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Sharmin Khan, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Rena Khanukayeva, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Mara Khaylomskaya, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Nyra Khetarpal, MD, Instructor

Ali Khusseyn, MD, Adjunct Instructor

David Kim, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jyoti Kini, MD, Clinical Instructor

Rajiv Kinkhabwala, MD, Clinical Instructor

Mary-Laura Klesaris, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jerard Kneifati-Hayek, MD, Instructor

Jennifer Knishinsky, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Barry Kohn, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Aparanjita Kolluru, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Andrea Kondracke, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Gamil Kostandy, MD, FACP, Adjunct Instructor

Robert Krasner, MD, Clinical Professor

Lisa Krenzel, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Olena Ksovreli, MD, FACP, Clinical Assistant Professor

David Kudlowitz, MD, Instructor

Bella Kushnir, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Sally Kwa, MD, Clinical Instructor

Phyllis Kwok, MD, Clinical Instructor

Kelly Kyanko, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Population Health and Medicine


Juan Lafaille, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Medicine

Cindy Lai, MD, Clinical Instructor

Steven Lamm, MD, Clinical Professor

Harris Lampert, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Yinan Lan, MD, Instructor

David Landerer, MD, Clinical Instructor

Amy Lau, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

John Lazzara, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Dorothy Lebeau, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Janine Lebofsky, MD, Instructor

Arthur Lebowitz, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

James Lebret, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Catherine Lee, MD, Clinical Instructor

Joshua Lee, MD, Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Anna Lef, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jaswinder Legha, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Tammy Leopold, MD, Clinical Instructor

Barron Lerner, MD, Professor of Medicine and Population Health

Gerson Lesser, MD, Clinical Professor

Blanche Leung, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Joseph Leung, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Susan Levit, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Natalie Levy, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Stuart Lewis, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Xian Li, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yue Yi Li, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Jolanta Libura, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Lief, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Liguori, MD, Clinical Instructor

Ya Lin, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yanhan Lin, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Irina Linetskaya, MD, Clinical Instructor

Robert Link, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Mack Lipkin, Jr., MD, Professor

Elizabeth Lippitt, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Orrin Lippoff, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Polina Liss, MD, Clinical Instructor

Ted Listokin, MD, Clinical Instructor

George Liu, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Steven Liu, MD, Instructor

Xueying Liu, MD, Clinical Instructor

Paul Lombardi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor 

Michael LoCurcio, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical) and Associate Chair of Education

Holly Lofton, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Surgery and Medicine

Peter Lotfi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Reena Loona, DO, Clinical Instructor

Petra Lukoschek, MD, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor

Anming Luo, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Eric Lutsky, MD, Clinical Instructor

Meredith Lynn, MD, Clinical Instructor

Claudia Lyon, DO, MBA, Clinical Associate Professor

Valerie Lyon, MD, Clinical Instructor


Sarah MacArthur, MD, Instructor

Ross Macdonald, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Charles Madeira, MD, Instructor

Carrie Mahowald, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Irina Makarevich, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Madhu Malhotra, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Shahla Mallick, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Michael Malone, MD, Clinical Instructor

Soma Mandal, MD, Clinical Instructor

Eric Manheimer, MD, Clinical Professor

Devin Mann, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Mario Manna, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Paul Maravel, MD, Clinical Instructor

Cherry Mar-Chan, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Richard Mark, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Natalie Marks, MD, Adjunct Instructor

John Martin, MD, Clinical Instructor

William Martin, MD, Clinical Instructor

Kenneth Marx, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Tony Mathews, MD, MPH, Instructor

Amir Mayer, MD, Clinical Instructor

Mayer Mayor, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yelena Mazurskaya, DO, Adjunct Instructor

John McAdam, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Denise McCulloch, MD, MPH, Instructor

Nathan McGinnis, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jennifer McGugins, MD, Clinical Instructor

John McKnight, MD,Clinical Instructor

Michelle McMacken, MD, Assistant Professor

Jennifer McNeely, MD, Assistant Professor

Todd McNiff, MD, Clinical Instructor

Peter Meacher, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Ariel Medina, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Aron Mednick, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Brian Meehan, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Melgar, MD, Clinical Instructor

Alexander Merson, MD, Clinical Instructor

Susan Minkowitz, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Mobasser, MD, Instructor

Sarika Modi, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jonathan Mohrer, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Sarah Moore, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Eric Morgenstern, MD, Clinical Instructor

Louis Morledge, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Christopher Morris, MD, Instructor

Philip Moskowitz, MD, Mamdouha S. Bobst Associate Professor

Marwa Moussa, MD, Clinical Instructor

Serena Mulhern, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Leonard Muller, MD,  Adjunct Instructor

Robert Murayama-Greenbaum, MD, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor

Sima Muster, MD, Adjunct Instructor

David Mykoff, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor


Richard Nachtigall, MD, Clinical Professor

Yunseok Namn, MD, Instructor

Sundar Natarajan, MD, MSc, Associate Professor

Mark Newman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Dustin Nguyen, MD, Clinical Instructor

Quang Nguyen, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Jeffrey Nichols, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Antonio Nicoletta, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Dellis Norwood-Galloway, MD, Clinical Instructor


Taiye Odedosu, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Luke O'Donnell, MD, Instructor

Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD, MS, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Olugbenga Ogedegbe, MD, MPH, MS,Professor

Charles Okamura, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Marina Oks, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Ekaterina Olkhina, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Sai One, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Ivan Oransky, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Viola Ortiz, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Faryal Osman, MD, Instructor

Ady Oster, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Rozaliya Ostrovskaya, MD, Adjunct Instructor


Nicholas Pace, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Oliver Pacifico, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Palumbo, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Charles Paolino, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Papamichael, MD, Clinical Instructor

Shilpa Paradkar Singh, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Reza Parungao, MD, Instructor

Neil Pasco, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Peter Pasley, MD, Clinical Instructor

Andrew Patane, MD, Clinical Instructor

Denise Pate, MD, Clinical Instructor

Darsan Patel, MD, Clinical Instructor

Dhwani Patel, MD, Instructor

Madhu Patel, MD, Clinical Instructor

Nilam Patel, MD, Instructor

Estee Pavlounis, MD, MPH, Clinical Instructor

Ruth Ellen Pearlman, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ora Pearlstein, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Isabella Peluso, MD, Clinical Instructor

Ralph Peluso, MD, Clinical Instructor

Lucy Perazzo, MD, Clinical Instructor

Valerie Perel, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jacqueline Perez, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Ruthann Perillo, MD, Clinical Instructor

Esther Perlmutter, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Marina Perlova, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Shirin Peters, MD, Clinical Instructor

Arnold Phillips, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Piotr Pilarski, MD, Clinical Instructor

Inna Pildysh, DO, Clinical Instructor

Svetlana Pinkusovich, MD, Clinical Instructor

Gregory Pitaro, MD, Clinical Instructor

Maria Pitaro, MD, Clinical Instructor

Roda Plakogiannis, BS, PharmD, BCPS, FNLA, CLS, Adjunct Associate Professor

Paula Pollard-Thomas, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Soteri Polydorou, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Perry Pong, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Barbara Porter, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Rasheda Prescott, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Mara Pulcheri, MD, Clinical Instructor

Paawan Punjabi, MD, Instructor

Raisa Pustylnikov, MD, Adjunct Instructor

William Putman, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yar Pye, MD, MBA, CPE, Clinical Associate Professor


Joseph Rabatin, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Boaz Rabin, MD, Clinical Instructor

Yevgeniya Rabovetskaya, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Asa Radix, MD, MPH, DTMH, Mphil, Clinical Associate Professor

Diana Randlett, MD, Clinical Instructor

Tarek Rammah, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Giuseppe Rando, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Naresh Rao, MD, DO, Clinical Instructor

Joseph Ravenell, MD, MS, Assistant Professor

Stefanie Reiff, MD, Clinical Instructor

Stephanie Rein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jack Resnick, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Karen Rhee, MD, Clinical Instructor

Samia Rifaat, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Stephen Riso, MD, Clinical Instructor

Thomas Rockland, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Ariel Rodriguez, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Margarita Rohr, MD, Clinical Instructor

Richard Romano, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Elisa Rose, MD, Clinical Instructor

Eli Rosen, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Nedra Rosen, MD, Clinical Instructor

Susan Rosen, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Leon Rosenkranz, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Zachary Rosner, MD, Clinical Instructor

Marina Royzman, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Ronald Ruden, MD, Clinical Instructor

Klaudiya Ruvinsky, MD, Adjunct Instructor




Harry Saag, MD, Instructor

Saachi Sachdev, MD, Instructor

Sunil Saith, MD, MPH, Instructor

Elias Sakalis, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Marina Saksonova, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jean-Louis Salinas, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dana Saltzman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Steven Salvati, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Vincent Santillo, MD, Instructor

Faraj Samra, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Yona Saperstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jorge Sastre, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Brian Scanlan, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Allison Schachter, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Verity Schaye, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Kenneth Schaefer, MD, Clinical Instructor

Scott Schafler, MD, Instructor

Gordon Schectman, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Howard Scheiner, MD, Clinical Instructor

Elizabeth Schepker, MD, Clinical Instructor

James Schmidtberger, MD, Clinical Instructor

Steven Schneider, MD, Clinical Instructor

Antoinette Schoenthaler, EdD, Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Adam Schwartz, MD, Instructor

Lisa Schwartz, MD, MS, Clinical Assistant Professor

Mark Schwartz, MD, Professor, Population Health and Medicine

Sheldon Schwartz, MD, Clinical Professor

Afet Seidler, DO, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor

Kamila Seihan, DO, Adjunct Instructor

David Selzer, MD, Clinical Instructor

Sapana Shah, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Deepa Shah-Barot, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Libbat-Tzion Shaham, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Robert Shalhoub, MD, Clinical Instructor

Stanley Shanies, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Neil Shapiro, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Donna Shelley, MD, Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Richard Shepard, DO, Clinical Instructor

Linda Sheridan, MD, Clinical Instructor

Eric Sherman, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Scott Sherman, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry

Michael Shirazi, MD, Clinical Instructor

Faina Shnaydman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Tanya Shneyder, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Rachel Shur, MD, Instructor

Vincent Siasoco, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Marc Siegel, MD, Clinical Professor

Eugenia Siegler, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor

David Silverman, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Daniel Silvershein, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Daniel Silverstein, MD, Clinical Instructor

Mark Singer, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Surinder Singh , MD, Clinical Instructor

Charles Slivinski, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Small, MD, Clinical Instructor

Shetty Smitha, MD, Clinical Instructor

Iouri Sobol, MD, Clinical Instructor

Anthony Somogyi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Deborah Sonenblick, MD, Clinical Instructor

Alain Sosa, MD, Clinical Instructor

Lucy Sourial, MD, Clinical Instructor

Lawrence Spann, PhD, Adjunct Instructor

Tanya Spruill, PhD, Assistant Professor

Allison Squires, PhD, Research Associate Professor

Nalinee Srisarajivakul, MD, Instructor

Elbert St. Claire, MD, MPH, FACP, Clinical Instructor

Clifford Stark, DO, Clinical Instructor

David Stern, MD, PhD, Professor (Clinical) and Vice Chair for Education and Academic Affairs

David Stevens, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Emma Stolyar, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Lisa Straus, MD, Clinical Instructor

Edward Strogach, MD, Clinical Instructor

Joan Stroud, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Tze-Jung Su, MD, Clinical Instructor

Theresa Sumberac, MD, Instructor

Nicola Sumorok, MD, Instructor

Vito Susca, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Nicole Szabo, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Adam Szerencsy, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor


Shao Yue Tan, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Jessica Tanenbaum, MD, Instructor

Amy Tang, MD, Clinical Instructor

Michael Tanner, MD, MA, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Nikolay Tarkhanov, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Silvio Tasso, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jeffrey Teitelbaum, MD, Clinical Instructor

Rui Er Teng, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Craig Tenner, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Diana Teper, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Natacha Tessono, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Zubin Tharayil, MD, Clinical Instructor

Cho Cho Thin, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Patrice Thornton, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Suraj Tikko, MD, Clinical Instructor

Myint Tin, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Scott Tinter, DO, Clinical Instructor

Babak Tofighi, MD, Instructor

Derrick Tolbert-Walker, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Leonid Toprover, MD, Clinical Instructor

Raisa Toumanova, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Marissa Toussaint, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

David Treatman, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Leonard Treihaft, MD, Clinical Instructor

Chau Trinh-Shevrin, DrPH, Associate Professor (Research)

Dushana Triola, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medical School Education

Marc Triola, MD, Associate Professor

Alex Trzebucki, MD, Instructor

Alan Tso, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Boris Tsukerman, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Zhanna Tsukerman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Marcel Tuchman, MD, Clinical Professor

Nicole Tyer, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Grace Tyndall, MD, Clinical Instructor

Andrew Tzellas, MD, Clinical Instructor


Renata Ukowska, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

James Underberg, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Susan Urban, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Mani Ushyarov, MD, Clinical Instructor


Ventaktesh Vaddigiri, MD, Clinical Instructor

Nishant Vaidy, MD, Clinical Instructor

Vidya Valada, MD, Clinical Instructor

David Valentine, MD, Clinical Instructor

Oskar Varshavskiy, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Homer Venters, MD, Clinical Instructor

Benjamin Verplanke, MD, Instructor

Joseph Vetrano, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Seagram Villagomez, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Yuliya Vinokurova, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Anand Viswanathan, MD, Instructor

Eamon Vitt, MD, Clinical Instructor

Biana Volfinzon, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Leonid Volfinzon, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Frank Volpicelli, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Marina Volpin, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Miranda Von Dornum, MD, Adjunct Instructor


David Wagner, MD, Clinical Instructor

Jacob Walfish, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Andrew Wallach, MD, Associate Professor (Clinical)

Bhupendra Wagley, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Erwin Wang, MD, Instructor

John Wang, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Wei Wang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Lloyd Wasserman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Stephen Waxman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Himali Weerahandi, MD, MPH , Clinical Instructor

Sun Wei, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Monica Weinberg, MD, Clinical Instructor

David Weiner, MD, Clinical Instructor

Judah Weinstein, MD, Adjunct Instructor 

Andrew Weiss, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Benjamin Wertheimer, MD, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Warren Wexelman, MD, Clinical Instructor

Devon White, DO, Adjunct Instructor

Ewa Wierzba, MD, Clinical Instructor

Marc Wilkenfeld, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Stephen Williams, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Population Health and Medicine

Steven Wishner, MD, Clinical Instructor

Elizabeth Wolff, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Richard Woronoff, MD, Clinical Instructor

Samuel Wright, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Chun Wong, MD, Clinical Instructor

Hok S. Wong, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Yinglan Wong, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Benjamin Wu, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Jianlin Wu, MD, Clinical Instructor

Lih Lih Wu, MD, Clinical Instructor

Rex Wu, MD, Clinical Instructor


Bruce Yaffe, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Nancy Yang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Amna Yaqoob, MD, FACP, Clinical Assistant Professor

Jennifer Yeung, MD, Clinical Instructor

Peggy Yih, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

John Yiu, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Kyi W. Yu, MD, Clinical Instructor

Shirley Yung, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Michael Yuryev, DO, Adjunct Instructor


Sondra Zabar, MD, Professor (Clinical)

Wafsy Zaki, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Valerie Zarcone, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor

Galina Zaretsky, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Doris Zavaro, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Peter Zeale, MD, Clinical Instructor

Ailing Zhang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Shu Zhang, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Zhiguang Zhang, MD, Clinical Instructor

Faith Zhao, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Qiuqu Zhao, MD, Adjunct Instructor

Li Zheng, MD, Adjunct Instructor

David Zimmerman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor