Endocrinology Clinical Trials

Endocrinologist Dr. Michael Bergman and patient.

People with endocrine conditions may benefit from participating in clinical trials. During a clinical trial, promising new medications, medical devices, or other treatments are evaluated in scientifically controlled settings. These studies are required for regulatory approval of new therapies. 

The Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism maintains an active research program dedicated to investigating new diagnostic methods and drugs that could prove helpful for treating endocrine disorders. You and your doctor can discuss whether a clinical trial is a good option for you.

NYU Langone doctors are currently recruiting for the following clinical trial:

New treatment for Cushing’s syndrome - CORT125134

This study seeks patients with endogenous Cushing’s syndrome with uncontrolled blood pressure or type 2 diabetes/impaired glucose tolerance. This is a phase 2 open-label study using CORT 125134 for Cushing’s syndrome. CORT125134 is a selective glucocorticoid receptor antagonist being developed for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome. Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism is a proven mechanism of action for the treatment of the hyperglycemia secondary to hypercortisolism in adult patients with Cushing’s syndrome. It’s mechanism of action is similar to that of mifepristone, with the exception that it does not bind the progesterone receptor, hence does not have the anti-progestin side effects of mifepristone.

People with exogenous, steroid induced hypercortisolemia, severe renal failure, QTc prolongation on EKG or active plans for surgery or radiation during the course of the trial are not eligible for participation.

For more information, please contact nidhi.agrawal@nyumc.org