Current Research and Investigators

Members of the division are actively engaged in both basic and clinical grant-supported research.

Basic Research

Ira J. Goldberg MD
Dr. Goldberg’s research has focused on abnormalities of lipoprotein metabolism, macrovascular disease in diabetes, and the role of triglycerides in atherosclerosis.

Ann Marie Schmidt MD
Dr. Schmidt’s laboratory discovered the multi-ligand receptor RAGE. Her findings that RAGE bound amyloid-ß peptide and ß-sheet fibrils, advanced glycation end products, S100/calgranulins, and high mobility group box-1 opened up novel areas for research in diabetes, aging, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation, and amyloidoses.

Ravichandran Ramasamy PhD
Dr. Ramasamy’s research has focused on efforts to understand the metabolic and inflammatory mechanisms underlying diabetic cardiovascular complications.

David Ron MD
Dr. Ron's work is focused on the cellular response to proteotoxic stress, and the impact of malfolded proteins on diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Herbert H. Samuels MD
Dr. Samuels' laboratory is nationally and internationally recognized for its investigation of the mechanism of action of thyroid hormone, and conserved elements of gene regulation by members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily.

Andisheh Abedini PhD
Dr. Abedini’s research is focused on the mechanisms regulating pancreatic islet beta cell fate, and rational drug design strategies to treat and prevent proteotoxicity, and preserve beta cell mass and function in metabolic disease.


Clinical Investigations

Steven Hodak MD
Dr. Hodak's clinical research focuses on the use of molecular genetic tools to improve diagnostic yield of thyroid nodule fine-needle aspiration biopsies.

James Underberg MD
Dr. Underberg maintains an active clinical research program in the field of clinical lipidolgy, cholesterol management and inherited lipoprotein disorders.

Stephen Richardson MD
Dr. Richardson serves as principal investigator on several multicenter studies on newer therapies for type 2 diabetes and macrovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.