Basic Research Laboratories

Thorsten Kirsch

Dr. Kirsch's research interests include chondrocyte and osteoblast biology and differentiation, molecular mechanisms regulating physiological and pathological mineralization ... More>>

Philipp Leucht

Dr. Leucht’s research interest is centered around the molecular and cellular regulatory mechanisms that govern skeletal development and fracture repair. . More>>

Chuanju Liu

Dr. Liu's research interests include ADAMTS metalloproteinases in skeletal development and the pathogenesis of arthritis; growth factors and antagonists of TNFα in autoimmune ... More>>

Peter Walker

Dr. Walker received his undergraduate degree in mechanical sciences at Cambridge University, England and his PhD at Leeds University, England. He previously ... More>>

Alesha Castillo

Dr. Castillo earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of California, Davis and received Postdoctoral training in the laboratories of ... More>>