Recent Faculty Publications

Calmodulin shuttling mediates cytonuclear signaling to trigger experience-dependent transcription and memory. Nature Communications 6/22/18
Cohen SM, Suutari B, He X, Wang Y, Sanchez S, Tirko NN, Mandelberg NJ, Mullins C, Zhou G, Wang S, Kats I, Salah A, Tsien RW, Ma H

Stable Sequential Activity Underlying the Maintenance of a Precisely Executed Skilled Behavior. Neuron 5/21/18
Katlowitz KA, Picardo MA, Long MA

Transformation of a Spatial Map across the Hippocampal-Lateral Septal Circuit. Neuron 5/15/18
Tingley D, Buzsáki G

Cocaine Place Conditioning Strengthens Location-Specific Hippocampal Coupling to the Nucleus Accumbens. Neuron 4/28/18
Sjulson L, Peyrache A, Cumpelik A, Cassataro D, Buzsáki G

Tau Antibody Structure Reveals a Molecular Switch Defining a Pathological Conformation of the Tau Protein. Science Reports 4/18/18
Chukwu JE, Pedersen JT, Pedersen LØ, Volbracht C, Sigurdsson EM, Kong XP

Stimulus dependent diversity and stereotypy in the output of an olfactory functional unit. Nature Communications 4/9/18
Arneodo EM, Penikis KB, Rabinowitz N, Licata A, Cichy A, Zhang J, Bozza T, Rinberg D

A Hypothalamic Midbrain Pathway Essential for Driving Maternal Behaviors. Neuron 4/4/18
Fang YY, Yamaguchi T, Song SC, Tritsch NX, Lin D

The Ancient Origins of Neural Substrates for Land Walking. Cell 2/8/18
Jung H, Baek M, D'Elia KP, Boisvert C, Currie PD, Tay BH, Venkatesh B, Brown SM, Heguy A, Schoppik D, Dasen JS

Localized Myosin II Activity Regulates Assembly and Plasticity of the Axon Initial Segment. Neuron 2/7/18
Berger SL, Leo-Macias A, Yuen S, Khatri L, Pfennig S, Zhang Y, Agullo-Pascual E, Caillol G, Zhu MS, Rothenberg E, Melendez-Vasquez CV, Delmar M, Leterrier C, Salzer JL

Transformation of the head-direction signal into a spatial code. Nature Communications 11/24/17
Peyrache A, Schieferstein N, Buzsáki G

Gaze-Stabilizing Central Vestibular Neurons Project Asymmetrically to Extraocular Motoneuron Pools. J Neuroscience 11/22/17
Schoppik D, Bianco IH, Prober DA, Douglass AD, Robson DN, Li JMB, Greenwood JSF, Soucy E, Engert F, Schier AF

A primacy code for odor identity. Nature Communications 11/14/17
Wilson CD, Serrano GO, Koulakov AA, Rinberg D

Space and time in the brain. Science 10/27/17
Buzsáki G, Llinás R

Learning-enhanced coupling between ripple oscillations in association cortices and hippocampus. Science 10/20/17
Khodagholy D, Gelinas JN, Buzsáki G

Pyramidal Cell-Interneuron Circuit Architecture and Dynamics in Hippocampal Networks. Neuron 10/11/17
English DF, McKenzie S, Evans T, Kim K, Yoon E, Buzsáki G

Synaptic Transmission Optimization Predicts Expression Loci of Long-Term Plasticity. Neuron 9/27/17
Costa RP, Padamsey Z, D'Amour JA, Emptage NJ, Froemke RC, Vogels TP

Esr1+ cells in the ventromedial hypothalamus control female aggression. Nature Neuroscience 9/18/17
Hashikawa K, Hashikawa Y, Tremblay R, Zhang J, Feng JE, Sabol A, Piper WT, Lee H, Rudy B, Lin D

Reactivations of emotional memory in the hippocampus-amygdala system during sleep. Nature Neuroscience 9/11/17
Girardeau G, Inema I, Buzsaki G

Discovery of peptide ligands through docking and virtual screening at nicotinic acetylcholine receptor homology models. PNAS 9/5/17
Leffler AE, Kuryatov A, Zebroski HA, Powell SR, Filipenko P, Hussein AK, Gorson J, Heizmann A, Lyskov S, Tsien RW, Poet SF, Nicke A, Lindstrom J, Rudy B, Bonneau R, Holford M

Functions and dysfunctions of neocortical inhibitory neuron subtypes. Nature Neuroscience 8/29/17
Hattori R, Kuchibhotla KV, Froemke RC, Komiyama T

Thalamic amplification of cortical connectivity sustains attentional control. Nature 5/3/17
Schmitt LI, Wimmer RD, Nakajima M, Happ M, Mofakham S, Halassa MM

Sharp wave ripples during learning stabilize the hippocampal spatial map. Nature Neuroscience 4/10/17
Roux L, Hu B, Eichler R, Stark R, Buzsaki G

EM connectomics reveals axonal target variation in a sequence-generating network. eLife 3/27/17
Kornfeld J, Benezra SE, Narayanan, Svara F, Egger R, Oberlaender M, Denk W, Long MA

Entorhinal-CA3 Dual-Input Control of Spike Timing in the Hippocampus by Theta-Gamma Coupling. Neuron 3/8/17
Fernandez-Ruiz A, Oliva A, Nagy GA, Maurer AP, Bereny A, Buzsaki G

Layer-specific modulation of neocortical dendritic inhibition during active wakefulness. Science 3/3/17
Munoz W, Tremblay R, Levenstein D, Rudy B

Dynamics of auditory cortical activity during behavioural engagement and auditory perception. Nature Communications 2/8/17
Carcea I, Insanally MN, Froemke RC

Inhibitory peptidergic modulation of C. elegans serotonin neurons is gated by T-type calcium channels. eLife 2/6/17
Zang KE, Ho E, Ringstad N

Physiological Properties and Behavioral Correlates of Hippocampal Granule Cells and Mossy Cells. Neuron 1/26/17
Senzai Y, Buzsaki G

Control of Movement Initiation Underlies the Development of Balance. Current Biology 1/19/17
Ehrlich DE, Schoppik D

REM sleep selectively prunes and maintains new synapses in development and learning. Nature Neuroscience 1/16/2017
Li W, Lei M, Yang G, Gan WB

Innate Immunity Stimulation via Toll-like Receptor 9 Ameliorates Vascular Amyloid Pathology in Tg-SwDI mice with Associated Cognitive Benefits. Journal of Neuroscience 12/16/2017
Scholtzova H, Do E, Dhakal S, Sun Y, Liu S, Mehta PD, Wisniewski T

A viral strategy for targeting and manipulating interneurons across vertebrate species. Nature Neuroscience 10/31/16
Dimidschstein J, Chen Q, Tremblay R, Rogers SL, Saldi G, Guo L, Xu Q, Liu R, Lu C, Avery MC, Rashid MS, Baek M, Jabcob AL, Smith GB, Wilson DE, Kosche G, Kruglikov I, Rusielewicz T, Kotak VC, Mowery TM, Anderson SA, Callaway EM, Dasen JS, Fitzpatrick D, Fossati V, Long MA, Noggle S, Reynolds JH, Sanes DH, Rudy B, Feng G, Fishell G.

Parallel processing by cortical inhibition enables context-dependent behavior. Nature Neuroscience 10/31/16
Kuchibhotla KV, Gill JV, Lindsay GW, Papadoyannis ES, Field RE, Hindmarsh Sten TA, Miller KD, Froemke RC. 

Drosophila SLC5A11 Mediates Hunger by Regulating K+ Channel Activity. Current Biology 7/7/16
Park JY, Dus M, Abu F, Kanai MI, Rudy B, Suh GS.

Development of Odor Hedonics: Experience-Dependent Ontogeny of Circuits Supporting Maternal and Predator Odor Responses in Rats. J Neuroscience 6/22/16
Perry RE, Al Ain S, Raineki C, Sullivan RM, Wilson DA

Post-anesthesia AMPA receptor potentiation prevents anesthesia-induced learning and synaptic deficitsTranslational Medicine Neuroscience 6/22/16
Huang L, Cichon J, Ninan I, Yang G.

Exercise promotes the expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) through the action of the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate. eLife 6/2/16
Sleiman SF, Henry J, Al-Haddad R, El Hayek L, Haidar EA, Stringer T, Ulja D, Karuppagounder SS, Holson EB, Ratan RR, Ninan I, Chao MV

Neural Representation of Odor-Guided Behavior in the Rat Olfactory ThalamusJ Neuroscience 6/1/16
Courtiol, Emmanuelle, Wilson, Donald.

Population-Level Representation of a Temporal Sequence Underlying Song Production in the Zebra Finch. Neuron 5/18/16
Michel A. Picardo, Josh Merel, Kalman A. Katlowitz, Daniela Vallentin, Daniel E. Okobi, Sam E. Benezra, Rachel C. Clary, Eftychios A. Pnevmatikakis, Liam Paninski, Michael A. Long

Functional Segregation of Cortical Regions Underlying Speech Timing and Articulation. Neuron 3/16/16
Long, Katlowitz, Svirsky, Clary, Byun, Majaj, Oya, Howard, Greenlee.

Thalamic reticular impairment underlies attention deficit in Ptchd1(Y/-) mice. Nature 4/7/16
Wells MF, Wimmer RD, Schmitt LI, Feng G, Halassa MM.

Interictal epileptiform discharges induce hippocampal-cortical coupling in temporal lobe epilepsy. Nature Med 4/25/16
Gelinas JN, Khodagholy D, Thesen T, Devinsky O, Buzsáki G.

Local generation of multineuronal spike sequences in the hippocampal CA1 region. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 8/18/15
Stark E, Roux L, Eichler R, Buzsáki G.

Akt Regulates Axon Wrapping and Myelin Sheath Thickness in the PNS. J Neuroscience 4/20/16
Domènech-Estévez E, Baloui H, Meng X, Zhang Y, Deinhardt K, Dupree JL, Einheber S, Chrast R, Salzer JL.

Brain-Wide Insulin Resistance, Tau Phosphorylation Changes, and Hippocampal Neprilysin and Amyloid-β Alterations in a Monkey Model of Type 1 Diabetes. J Neuroscience 4/13/16
Jose Morales-Corraliza, Harrison Wong, Matthew J. Mazzella, Shaoli Che, Sang Han Lee, Eva Petkova, Janice D. Wagner, Scott E. Hemby, Stephen D. Ginsberg, and Paul M. Mathews

Mechanisms Underlying Population Response Dynamics in Inhibitory Interneurons of the Drosophila Antennal Lobe. J Neuroscience 4/13/16
Katherine I. Nagel and Rachel I. Wilson

Excitation-Transcription Coupling in Parvalbumin-Positive Interneurons Employs a Novel CaM Kinase-Dependent Pathway Distinct from Excitatory Neurons. Neuron 3/30/16
Cohen SM, Ma H, Kuchibhotla KV, Watson BO, Buzsáki G, Froemke RC, Tsien RW.

Diversity in neural firing dynamics supports both rigid and learned hippocampal sequences. Science 3/25/16
Grosmark AD, Buzsáki G

Thalamic reticular impairment underlies attention deficit in Ptchd1Y/- mice. Nature 3/23/16
Wells MF, Wimmer RD, Schmitt LI, Feng G, Halassa MM.

Hypothalamic control of male aggression-seeking behavior. Nature Science 3/7/16
Falkner AL, Grosenick L, Davidson TJ, Deisseroth K, Lin D.

Effective Modulation of Male Aggression through Lateral Septum to Medial Hypothalamus Projection. Current Biology 3/7/16
Wong LC, Wang L, D'Amour JA, Yumita T, Chen G, Yamaguchi T, Chang BC, Bernstein H, You X, Feng JE, Froemke RC, Lin D

Sequential ionic and conformational signaling by calcium channels drives neuronal gene expression. Science 2/19/16
Boxing Li, Michael R. Tadross, Richard W. Tsien

Early Somatostatin Interneuron Connectivity Mediates the Maturation of Deep Layer Cortical Circuits. Neuron 2/03/16
Tuncdemir SN, Wamsley B, Stam FJ, Osakada F, Goulding M, Callaway EM, Rudy B, Fishell G

Inhibition protects acquired song segments during vocal learning in zebra finches. Science 1/15/16
Daniella Vallentin, Georg Koshe, Dina Lipkind, Michael Long

Gating of hippocampal activity, plasticity, and memory by entorhinal cortex long-range inhibition. Science 1/08/16
Jayeeta Basu, Jeffrey D. Zaremba, Stephanie K. Cheung, Frederick L. Hitti, Boris V. Zemelman, Attila Losonczy, Steven A. Siegelbaum

Selective lentiviral gene delivery to CD133-expressing human glioblastoma stem cells. PLoS One 12/26/14
Bayin NS, Modrek AS, Dietrich A, Lebowitz J, Abel T, Song HR, Schober M, Zagzag D, Buchholz CJ, Chao MV, Placantonakis DG

Definition of a Bidirectional Activity-Dependent Pathway Involving BDNF and Narp. Cell Rep 11/19/15
Mariga A, Glaser J, Mathias L, Xu D, Xiao M, Worley P, Ninan I, Chao MV

Thalamic control of sensory selection in divided attention. Nature 10/29/15
Ralf D. Wimmer, L. Ian Schmitt, Thomas J. Davidson, Miho Nakajima, Karl Deisseroth & Michael M. Halassa

Insulin enhances striatal dopamine release by activating cholinergic interneurons and thereby signals reward. Nature Communications 10/27/15
Melissa A. Stouffer, Catherine A. Woods, Jyoti C. Patel, Christian R. Lee, Paul Witkovsky, Li Bao, Roert P. Machold, Kymry T. Jones, Soledad Cabeza de Vaca, Maarten E. A. Reith, Kenneth D. Carr & Margaret E. Rice

Inhibition of Gli1 mobilizes endogenous neural stem cells for remyelination. Nature 10/15/15
Jayshree Samanta, Ethan M. Grund, Hernandez M. Silva, Juan J. Lafaille, Gord Fishell & James L. Salzer

Green-to-Red Photoconversion of GCaMP. PLoS One 9/18/15
Minrong Ai, Holly Mills, Makoto Kanai, Jason Lai, Jingjing Deng, Eric Schreiter, Loren Looger, Thomas Neubert, Greg Suh

Prox1 Regulates the Subtype-Specific Development of Caudal Ganglionic Eminence-Derived GABAergic Cortical Interneurons. Journal of Neuroscience 9/16/15
Goichi Miyoshi, Allison Young, Timothy Petros, Theofanis Karayannis, Melissa McKenzie Chang, Alfonso Lavado, Tomohiko Iwano, Miho Nakajima, Hiroki Taniguchi, Z. Josh Huang, Nathaniel Heintz, Guillermo Oliver, Fumio Matsuzaki, Robert P. Machold, and Gord Fishell

Clonally Related Forebrain Interneurons Disperse Broadly across Both Functional Areas and Structural Boundariess. Neuron 9/2/15
Christian Mayer, Xavier H. Jaglin, Lucy V. Cobbs, Rachel C. Bandler, Carmen Streicher, Constance L. Cepko, Simon Hippenmeyer, Gord Fishell

Novel Behavioral Paradigm Reveals Lower Temporal Limits on Mouse Olfactory Decisions. Journal of Neuroscience 8/19/15
Arbora Resulaj and Dmitry Rinberg

Local generation of multineuronal spike sequences in the hippocampal CA1 region. PNAS 8/18/15
Eran Stark, Lisa Roux, Ronny Eichler, and György Buzsáki

Maternal regulation of infant brain state. Current Biology 7/21/15
Emma C. Sarro, Donald A. Wilson, Regina M. Sullivan

Altered thalamocortical rhythmicity and connectivity in mice lacking CaV3.1 T-type Ca2+ channels in unconsciousness. PNAS 6/23/15
Soonwook Choi, Eunah Yua, Seongwon Lee, and Rodolfo R. Llinás

Oxytocin enables maternal behaviour by balancing cortical inhibition. Nature 4/23/15
Bianca J. Marlin, Mariela Mitre, James A. D’amour, Moses V. Chao and Robert C. Froemke

Inhibitory and Excitatory Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex. Neuron 4/22/15
James A. D’amour and Robert C. Froemke

Internally organized mechanisms of the head direction sense. Nature Neuroscience 4/18/15
Adrien Peyrache, Marie M Lacroix, Peter C Petersen & György Buzsáki

Branch-specific dendritic Ca2+ spikes cause persistent synaptic plasticity. Nature 4/9/15
Joseph Cichon and Wen-Biao Gan

Activation of corticostriatal circuitry relieves chronic neuropathic pain. Journal of Neuroscience 4/1/15
Michelle Lee, Toby R. Manders, Sarah E. Eberle, Chen Su, James D'amour, Runtao Yang, Hau Yueh Lin, Karl Deisseroth, Robert C. Froemke, and Jing Wang

Collateral Pathways from the Ventromedial Hypothalamus Mediate Defensive Behaviors. Neuron 3/18/15
Li Wang, Irene Z. Chen, Dayu Lin

Sensory inputs control the integration of neurogliaform interneurons into cortical circuits. Nature Neuroscience 3/18/15
Natalia V De Marco García, Rashi Priya, Sebnem N Tuncdemir, Gord Fishell and Theofanis Karayannis

Network compensation of cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase II knockout in the hippocampus by Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptors. PNAS 3/10/15
Seonil Kim, Roseann F. Titcombe, Hong Zhang, Latika Khatri, Hiwot K. Girma, Franz Hofmann, Ottavio Arancio, and Edward B. Ziff

Opioid Receptor-Dependent Sex Differences in Synaptic Plasticity in the Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Pathway of the Adult Rat. Journal of Neuroscience 1/28/15
Lauren C. Harte-Hargrove, Ada Varga-Wesson, Aine M. Duffy, Teresa A. Milner, and Helen E. Scharfman

Autocrine boost of NMDAR current in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons by a PMCA-dependent, perisynaptic, extracellular pH shift. Journal of Neuroscience 1/21/15
Huei-Ying Chen and Mitchell Chesler

Interplay of inhibition and excitation shapes a premotor neural sequence. Journal of Neuroscience 1/21/15
Georg Kosche, Daniela Vallentin, and Michael A. Long /p>

Enduring good memories of infant trauma: Rescue of adult neurobehavioral deficits via amygdala serotonin and corticosterone interaction. PNAS 1/20/15
Millie Rincón-Cortésa, Gordon A. Barrd, Anne Marie Moulyf, Kiseko Shionoyag, Bestina S. Nuñeza, and Regina M. Sullivan

Motor Origin of Precise Synaptic Inputs onto Forebrain Neurons Driving a Skilled Behavior. Journal of Neuroscience 1/7/15
Daniela Vallentin and Michael A. Long

Synaptic and circuit mechanisms promoting broadband transmission of olfactory stimulus dynamics.Nature Neuroscience 1/1/15
Katherine I Nagel, Elizabeth J Hong & Rachel I Wilson

Channelrhodopsin-Assisted Patching: In Vivo Recording of Genetically and Morphologically Identified Neurons throughout the Brain. Cell Reports 12/24/14
William Muñoz, Robin Tremblay, Bernardo Rudy

NeuroGrid: recording action potentials from the surface of the brain. Nature Neuroscience 12/22/14
Dion Khodagholy, Jennifer N Gelinas, Thomas Thesen, Werner Doyle, Orrin Devinsky, George G Malliaras & György Buzsáki

An AUTS2–Polycomb complex activates gene expression in the CNS. Nature 12/18/14
Zhonghua Gao, Pedro Lee, James M. Stafford, Melanie von Schimmelmann, Anne Schaefer and Danny Reinberg

Antibody-Derived In Vivo Imaging of Tau Pathology. Journal of Neuroscience 12/10/14
Senthilkumar Krishnaswamy, Yan Lin, Wajitha J. Rajamohamedsait, Hameetha B. Rajamohamedsait, Pavan Krishnamurthy, and Einar M. Sigurdsson

Excitation and Inhibition Compete to Control Spiking during Hippocampal Ripples: Intracellular Study in Behaving Mice. Journal of Neuroscience 12/3/14
Daniel English, Adrien Peyrache, Eran Stark, Lisa Roux, Daniela Vallentin, Michael Long, and György Buzsáki

Synaptic plasticity and cognitive function are disrupted in the absence of Lrp4. Elife  11/19/14
Andrea M Gomez, Robert C Froemke, Steven J Burden

Millisecond Timescale Synchrony among Hippocampal Neurons. Journal of Neuroscience  11/05/14
Kamran Diba, Asohan Amarasingham, Kenji Mizuseki,and György Buzsáki

γCaMKII Shuttles Ca(2+)/CaM to the Nucleus to Trigger CREB Phosphorylation and Gene Expression. Cell  10/09/14
Huan Ma, Rachel D. Groth, Samuel M. Cohen, John F. Emery, Boxing Li, Esthelle Hoedt, Guoan Zhang, Thomas A. Neubert,and Richard W. Tsien

Theta Phase Segregation of Input-Specific Gamma Patterns in Entorhinal-Hippocampal Networks. Neuron  09/25/14
Erik W. Schomburg, Antonio Fernández-Ruiz, Kenji Mizuseki, Antal Berényi, Costas A. Anastassiou, Christof Koch, György Buzsáki

Systematic Regional Variations in Purkinje Cell Spiking Patterns PLoS ONE  08/21/14
Jianqiang Xiao, Nadia L. Cerminara, Yuriy Kotsurovskyy, Hanako Aoki, Amelia Burroughs, Andrew K. Wise, Yuanjun Luo, Sarah P. Marshall, Izumi Sugihara, Richard Apps, Eric J. Lang

Intergenerational transmission of emotional trauma through amygdala-dependent mother-to-infant transfer of specific fear. PNAS  08/19/14
Jacek Debieca and Regina M. Sullivan

State-Dependent Architecture of Thalamic Reticular Subnetworks. Cell  08/14/14
Michael M. Halassa, Zhe Chen, Ralf D. Wimmer, Philip M. Brunetti, Shengli Zhao, Basilis Zikopoulos, Fan Wang, Emery N. Brown, Matthew A. Wilson

Maternal regulation of infant brain state. Current Biology  07/21/14
Emma Sarro, Donald Wilson, and Regina Sullivan

Pyramidal cell-interneuron interactions underlie hippocampal ripple oscillations. Neuron  07/16/14
Eran Stark, Lisa Roux, Ronny Eichler, Yuta Senzai, Sébastien Royer, and György Buzsáki

Specific Calpain Inhibition by Calpastatin Prevents Tauopathy and Neurodegeneration and Restores Normal Lifespan in Tau P301L Mice Journal of Neuroscience  07/09/14
Mala V. Rao, Mary Kate McBrayer, Jabbar Campbell, Asok Kumar, Audrey Hashim, Henry Sershen, Philip H. Stavrides, Masuo Ohno, Michael Hutton, and Ralph A. Nixon.

Calcineurin mediates synaptic scaling via synaptic trafficking of Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptors. PLoS Biology  07/01/14
Seonil Kim and Edward B. Ziff

Development of oculomotor circuitry independent of hox3 genes. Nature Communications  06/25/14
Leung-Hang Ma, Charlotte L. Grove, and Robert Baker

Sleep promotes branch-specific formation of dendritic spines after learning. Science  06/06/14
Guang Yang, Cora Sau Wan Lai, Joseph Cichon, Lei Ma, Wei Li, and Wen-Biao Gan

Cntnap4 differentially contributes to GABAergic and dopaminergic synaptic transmission.Nature  05/25/14
T. Karayannis, E. Au, J. C. Patel, I. Kruglikov, S. Markx, R. Delorme, D. Héron, D. Salomon, J. Glessner, S. Restituito, A. Gordon, L. Rodriguez-Murillo, N. C. Roy, J. A. Gogos, B. Rudy, M. E. Rice, M. Karayiorgou, H. Hakonarson, B. Keren, G. Huguet, T. Bourgeron, C. Hoeffer, R. W. Tsien, E. Peles, and G. Fishell

Trafficking of AMPA Receptor Subunit GluA2 from the Endoplasmic Reticulum is Stimulated by a Complex Containing CaMKII and PICK1 and by Release of Ca2+ from Internal Stores. Journal of Biological Chemistry  05/15/14
Wei Lu, Latika Khatri and Edward B. Ziff

Spatially distributed local fields in the hippocampus encode rat position.Science  05/09/14
Gautam Agarwal, Ian H. Stevenson, Antal Berényi, Kenji Mizuseki, György Buzsáki, and Friedrich T. Sommer

Decoding Ventromedial Hypothalamic Neural Activity during Male Mouse AggressionJournal of Neuroscience  04/23/14
Annegret L. Falkner, Piotr Dollar, Pietro Perona, David J. Anderson, and Dayu Lin

Evolving Hox Activity Profiles Govern Diversity in Locomotor Systems.Developmental Cell  04/15/14
Heekyung Jung, Esteban O. Mazzoni, Natalia Soshnikova, Olivia Hanley, Byrappa Venkatesh, Denis Duboule, Jeremy S. Dasen

Slow-wave sleep-imposed replay modulates both strength and precision of memory.Journal of Neuroscience  04/09/14
Dylan C. Barnes and Donald A. Wilson

Glutamatergic Transmission Aberration: A Major Cause of Behavioral Deficits in a Murine Model of Down's Syndrome.Journal of Neuroscience  04/09/14
Gurjinder Kaur, Ajay Sharma, Wenjin Xu,Scott Gerum, Melissa J. Alldred, Shivakumar Subbanna, Balapal S. Basavarajappa, Monika Pawlik, Masuo Ohno, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Donald A. Wilson, David N. Guilfoyle, and Efrat Levy

Functionally distinct PI 3-kinase pathways regulate myelination in the peripheral nervous system.Journal of Cell Biology  03/31/14
Bradley A. Heller, Monica Ghidinelli, Jakob Voelkl, Steven Einheber, Ryan Smith, Ethan Grund, Grant Morahan, David Chandler, Luba Kalaydjieva, Filippo Giancotti, Rosalind H. King, Aniko Naray Fejes-Toth, Gerard Fejes-Toth, Maria Laura Feltri, Florian Lang, and James L. Salzer

Nonvisual complex spike signals in the rabbit cerebellar flocculus.Journal of Neuroscience  2/26/14
Beerend H. J. Winkelman, Tim Belton, Minah Suh, Michiel Coesmans, Menno M. Morpurgo, and John I. Simpson

Sensory-motor transformations for speech occur bilaterally.Nature  1/15/14
Gregory B. Cogan, Thomas Thesen, Chad Carlson, Werner Doyle, Orrin Devinsky and Bijan Pesaran

Antipsychotics Activate mTORC1-Dependent Translation to Enhance Neuronal Morphological Complexity.Science Signaling  1/14/14
Heather Bowling, Guoan Zhang, Aditi Bhattacharya, Luis M. Pérez-Cuesta, Katrin Deinhardt, Charles A. Hoeffer, Thomas A. Neubert, Wen-biao Gan, Eric Klann, and Moses V. Chao

Comparison of Sleep Spindles and Theta Oscillations in the Hippocampus.Journal of Neuroscience  1/08/14
David Sullivan, Kenji Mizuseki, Anthony Sorgi, and György Buzsáki

Intracranial Cortical Responses during Visual–Tactile Integration in Humans.Journal of Neuroscience  1/01/14
Brian T. Quinn, Chad Carlson, Werner Doyle, Sydney S. Cash, Orrin Devinsky, Charles Spence, Eric Halgren, and Thomas Thesen