Unannounced Standardized Patients

The Unannounced Standardized Patient (USP) program allows us to evaluate providers from the patient’s experience using highly trained actors who portray, incognito, a standardized clinical scenario in actual practice, other wise known as “Secret Shoppers”. This innovative approach extends our work into actual clinical practice, and PrMEIR is one of the few  groups in the country doing this type of work. In addition to shedding light on how learners perform in the real world, USPs also provide feedback on how the medical team functions, and how responsive the system is to patient needs. Because they gather data from the time they walk into the clinic until they leave, they can offer a real “patient’s eye view” of the experience. With over 500 visits to our clinic sites at Bellevue Hospital Center and Gouveneur Health since 2009, we have learned much about the value of this tool. Unannounced Standardized Patients can:
  1. “Test” the provider, team, and system response with a standardized probe
  2. Give actionable, compelling feedback to health care professionals and clinical units “It Could have been a real patient…”
  3. Provide the patient experience of and perspective on care
  4. Afford a unique window into outpatient safety that points the way to corrective action