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Department of Medicine Education Master of Health Professions Education

Master of Health Professions Education

The Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE), offered through NYU Langone’s Department of Medicine, provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to design high-quality educational programs for healthcare professionals.

As an MHPE candidate, you conduct high-impact, rigorous research and apply educational theories, including student-centered learning, to solve problems within your professional environment.

The two-year, part-time MPHE program combines campus-based and distance-learning activities in collaboration with the School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and four international sites, in Canada, Egypt, and Singapore, in addition to NYU Langone. Graduates become members of an international network of medical educators.

You are required to develop and complete a thesis, submit at least one research manuscript related to medical education for publication, and complete a grant application.

The program is open to health professionals seeking opportunities in educational scholarship and leadership.


The MHPE program introduced a new curriculum in 2021 with a focus on self-directed learning and elective tasks relevant to your professional domain. The curriculum is delivered predominantly through flexible distance-learning technologies. The three-week Introduction to Health Professions Education unit at the start of your first year and the Quantitative and Qualitative Research unit at the start of your second year take place in person on the NYU Grossman School of Medicine campus.

Maastricht University provides additional information about the MHPE curriculum.

How to Apply

The deadline to apply for the MHPE program to enroll in July 2024 is December 15, 2023. To apply, complete the Master of Health Professions Education application and upload the following documents:

  • your CV
  • a personal statement that addresses your career goals and plans beyond the master’s program (1,000-word limit)
  • a letter of recommendation from your department chair or your employer approving your career trajectory and the time you expect you will need to complete the program

Your department chair or employer must agree to 20 percent full-time equivalent release time for you to complete the program, including a three-week intensive block each year.

If you are selected to participate in the MHPE program, NYU Grossman School of Medicine will forward your information to the Maastricht University admissions board for review. Final admissions decisions are made by the board. Accepted applicants must submit additional materials required by Maastricht University.

This program is accredited by the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO), the higher education accreditation organization of the Netherlands and Flanders.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the entire two-year program is €16,700 (approximately $18,000) to be paid directly to Maastricht University in two installments of €8,350 (approximately $9,000). Please note that the tuition equivalent in U.S. dollars may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Participants are also required to pay an NYU Grossman School of Medicine site fee of $10,000 each year. The total cost is approximately ~$37,000 to complete the degree. All fees are subject to change.

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