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Cryo–Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Using the latest cryo–electron microscopes, we help investigators screen and image samples.

NYU Langone Health’s Cryo–Electron Microscopy Laboratory (RRID: SCR_019202) is a shared resource hosting advanced cryo–electron microscopes fitted with direct detectors as well as equipment for sample preparation.

In addition to operating our microscopes, our staff members work closely with users and can provide training, acquire data suitable for high-resolution structure determination from macromolecular complexes, and, if necessary, help with image analysis and structure determination.

Our facilities are available to researchers from NYU Langone as well as other academic institutions and industrial partners.

Instrument Status Updates

  • Talos Arctica is in operation for screening and overnight data collection using SerialEM. Validation includes a 3.4 A structure of the proteasome.
  • Titan Krios is installed and the facility staff have completed applications training. A new high-tension tank has been installed and the instrument is ready to use for validation.
  • The Vitrobot grid plunger has been replaced with a new unit and is operational.
  • The Leica EM GP grid plunger has been repaired and is operational, although explicit permission and training are required prior to use.

Requests and Reservations

All users must be registered in iLab in order to initiate a project, order reagents, or reserve equipment. For information about the registration process, please see iLab login instructions.

Due to the high demand for the Talos Arctica microscope, we are implementing the following policy for advanced booking of this instrument:

  • NYU internal users are allowed to book no more than two sessions in advance.
  • If any lab books a third session, its booking will be deleted by facility staff.
  • If a lab has two advanced bookings, it can book a new session only after finishing the first session.

External users are allowed to book no more than one session in advance. Additional bookings will be deleted by facility staff.

After finishing their session, a new session may be booked at their earliest convenience.

iLab Requests and Reservations

Request services or reserve instruments using our iLab platform.

Recent Publications

Investigators have published the results of research conducted at the Cryo–Electron Microscopy Laboratory in a variety of leading publications. See a comprehensive list.

Contact Us

Our laboratory is located in the cellar of the Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center at 522 First Avenue, room C-10.

To inquire about our services or to discuss your project, contact Bill Rice, PhD, director, at or Bing Wang, PhD, research scientist, at

How to Acknowledge the Cryo–Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Please use the RRID in all of your citations when using the core.

Investigators who use our equipment, services, or expertise should acknowledge us as “NYU Langone Health’s Cryo–Electron Microscopy Laboratory (RRID: SCR_019202)” in all publications, presentations, grant applications, media releases, and other forms of media.

As a courtesy and for copyright purposes, we also request that you inform us of the publication of any images that were created by the lab’s staff or instruments.

Please consider authorship when our staff members significantly contribute to the development of your experimental design or to your published content.