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Emergency Medicine Prevention & Education Partnership

Although some school-based drug education programs exist, teachers, counselors, schools, and school systems continue to struggle to deliver high-quality drug education to their students.

The Prevention and Education Partnership (PEP), led by faculty in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine at NYU Langone and NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, is dedicated to filling this void by transforming the current model of drug education.

VIDEO: Doctors in the Emergency Medicine Prevention and Education Partnership use innovative programs to transform drug education.

We believe we can become the most trusted source of accurate and relevant drug education for students, parents, and school systems across the United States by getting doctors in classrooms with students and delivering an evidence-informed, teen-approved, harm-reducing drug education curriculum.

PEP Social Media Outreach

Interactions on social media have powerful effects on the social norms of young people. In fact, studies show that social media platforms may provide a more effective means of disseminating accurate and reliable information to teens than traditional methods.

PEP’s social media strategy engages teen creatives (writers, editors, graphic designers, and film directors) and medical professionals in the design and delivery of posts.

PEP on Instagram

Get the facts about sex, drugs, and more from expert doctors and your peers.

PEP Talks

We teach teens about the risks of substance abuse and strategies for prevention.

PEP Impact

We are transforming the role doctors play in drug education.