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Division of Medical Toxicology Medical Toxicology Publications

Medical Toxicology Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Medical Toxicology lead innovative research studies, often making breakthroughs that advance the field. Division members frequently publish their work in leading academic and scientific journals.

Toxicokinetics of hydroxychloroquine following a massive overdose

de Olano, Jonathan; Howland, Mary Ann; Su, Mark K; Hoffman, Robert S; Biary, Rana

American journal of emergency medicine. 2019 Aug 06; 158387

Current fatality rate of suspected cyclopeptide mushroom poisoning in the United States

De Olano, Jonathan; Wang, Josh J; Villeneuve, Eric; Gosselin, Sophie; Biary, Rana; Su, Mark K; Hoffman, Robert S

Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia). 2020 Apr 02; 1-4

Utilization of lipid emulsion therapy in fatal overdose cases: an observational study

Smolinske, Susan; Hoffman, Robert S; Villeneuve, Eric; Hoegberg, Lotte C G; Gosselin, Sophie

Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia). 2018 Sep 27; 1-6

Poison control centers and alternative forms of communicating with the public: what's all the chatter about?

Su, Mark K; Howland, Mary Ann; Alam, Mohammad; Ha, Catherine; Guerrero, Kristine; Schwartz, Lauren; Hoffman, Robert S

Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia). 2019 Feb 07; 1-6

Extracorporeal Treatments In Poisonings From Four Non-Traditionally Dialyzed Toxins (Acetaminophen, Digoxin, Opioids, and Tricyclic Antidepressants): A Combined Single-Centre and National Study

Campion, Gabriel H; Wang, Josh J; Hoffman, Robert S; Cormier, Monique; Lavergne, Valéry; Mowry, James B; Roberts, Darren M; Ghannoum, Marc; Su, Mark K; Gosselin, Sophie

Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology. 2019 Mar ; 124:341-347

Low dose intramuscular methadone for acute mild to moderate opioid withdrawal syndrome

Su, Mark K; Lopez, Jessica Hetherington; Crossa, Aldo; Hoffman, Robert S

American journal of emergency medicine. 2018 Nov ; 36:1951-1956

In-flight opioid overdose and the availability of onboard naloxone: An international survey of commercial airlines [Letter]

Wang, Josh J; Poirier, Vincent; Carvalho, Anna-Maria; Biary, Rana; Su, Mark K

Travel medicine & infectious disease. 2019 Jul - Aug; 30:123-124

Ice water submersion for rapid cooling in severe drug-induced hyperthermia

Laskowski, Larissa K; Landry, Adaira; Vassallo, Susi U; Hoffman, Robert S

Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia). 2015 Mar ; 53:181-4