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i-Matter Study i-Matter Information & Resources for Study Participants

i-Matter Information & Resources for Study Participants

The Connected2Care Project team at NYU Langone’s Center for Healthful Behavior Change is committed to supporting i-Matter (Investigating an mHealth Texting Tool for Embedding Patient-Reported Data into Diabetes Management) study participants with the information and resources they need to successfully use the i-Matter patient-reported outcomes (PRO) texting tool.

The i-Matter PRO tool uses text messaging and journal reports to help patients who have type 2 diabetes track their diabetes-related behaviors like diet and physical activity, quality of life, and healthy living goals to better manage their disease and help improve conversations with their care providers.

How Can I Participate in i-Matter?

To be eligible to participate in the i-Matter study, you must first provide informed consent to our study team. We also have a Spanish-language informed consent form available for Spanish-speaking patients.

i-Matter Study Training Tools

If you have been welcomed to the i-Matter program, you should familiarize yourself with the patient support tips and training tools below.


En Español:

Tips and Resources for Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes

As a complement to the i-Matter study program, we encourage you to browse the following resources to help you take steps toward living a healthy life and keeping your type 2 diabetes under control.

Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists: ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors

Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists: Resources for Spanish-Language Speakers

American Diabetes Association: Healthy Living

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about or enrolling in the i-Matter study, please contact Jocelyn Cruz, MPH, program manager, at jocelyn.acosta@nyulangone.org or 646-501-3474.