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Division of General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation Education General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation Faculty Mentoring & Professional Development

General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation Faculty Mentoring & Professional Development

The Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation offers several mentoring, professional development, and postgraduate training opportunities for faculty to engage in self-improvement and lifelong learning. We provide the tools and resources needed to become exceptional role models and nationally recognized leaders in the field of internal medicine.

Our leadership is committed to supporting an environment of inquiry in which faculty can develop, flourish, and succeed. We understand that each individual’s career path looks different and offer many opportunities for you to get involved in teaching, scholarship, and leadership as you strengthen your clinical care skills.

In addition to mentoring and enrichment programs offered through our division, faculty have access to the Department of Medicine’s Education for Educators certificate course and the Merrin Master Clinician Fellowship through the Program for Medical Education Innovations and Research (PrMEIR).

Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation have access to mentors who work with you to articulate personal career goals and construct a timeframe for achieving a professional growth plan.

Your faculty mentor serves as a resource for the policies and procedures associated with faculty appointments and promotions. Your mentor can provide information about local and national medical education programs, as well as how to secure appointments on committees that are part of national organizations and present at national and regional medical conferences.

Access our fact sheet about professional and career development opportunities within the division. For other inquiries, please email Heather Levitt, MHS, program manager, at

Faculty Enrichment Programs

Faculty in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation have diverse areas of interest and expertise. We support each other and create a community of practice around professional growth and self-fulfillment.

Internist Salon Series

The Internist Salon Series, created by Milna R. Rufin, MD,  provides internal medicine faculty at NYU Langone Health's diverse clinical sites with a space to learn and connect. We host monthly interactive lectures and discussion groups, including case-based clinical reasoning sessions, rapid-fire clinical practice updates, and journal clubs focused on promoting the practice of evidence-based medicine.

The goals of the salon are to encourage a culture of clinical inquiry rooted in evidence-based medicine, provide faculty members with an opportunity to earn CME credit and stay up-to-date on recent literature and society guideline changes, encourage multidisciplinary discourse by inviting subspecialty thought leaders to each session, and offer a space for building community across NYU Langone’s many clinical sites.

Can We Talk? Experiential Onboarding for New Faculty

We understand that new members who join our team come from different backgrounds and bring a variety of experiences from medical school, residency training, and their previous workplaces. At NYU Langone, patient-centered communication is a core value. We offer a unique onboarding program called Can We Talk?, a two-hour simulation that is completed in a confidential environment to instill institutional expectations and standards for communicating. Participants who complete the course earn two maintenance of certification or continuing medical education credits.

Developed by Sondra R. Zabar, MD, Andrew B. Wallach, MD, Katherine Hochman, MD, and Eric R. Goldberg, MD, Can We Talk? provides actionable, behaviorally specific feedback on how healthcare providers communicate from the perspective of a patient. To participate, please contact Renee Heller, administrative assistant, at

Integrated Sonography Competency Program at NYU Langone for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

The integrated sonography competency program at NYU Langone, also called I-Scan, is a comprehensive training program on how to perform point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) in accordance with Society of Hospital Medicine standards. The program, which is co-directed by Harald Sauthoff, MD, and Michael P. Janjigian, MD, accomplishes two objectives: preparing faculty to effectively teach POCUS and training residents to be competent in bedside ultrasonography.

POCUS trains healthcare providers how to perform targeted diagnostic evaluations at the patient’s bedside. Studies of POCUS show improved procedural success rates, increased patient satisfaction, and enhanced ability of healthcare providers to make a variety of diagnoses at the bedside.

Offered across NYU Langone and affiliated institutions, the one-year I-Scan program involves didactics, hands-on instruction, and case reviews. Participants complete a longitudinal curriculum of monthly case conferences that involve supervised scanning and remote supervision via uploaded clip review. The program culminates with a final knowledge exam, skills testing, and an image portfolio review.

We also offer a two-day continuing medical education course, New York Point-of-Care Ultrasound, that provides a strong foundation in POCUS image acquisition, interpretation, and clinical integration. Course faculty are nationally recognized leaders from the American College of Chest Physicians and the Society of Hospital Medicine. Participants receive a Society of Hospital Medicine POCUS Certificate of Completion.

For more information about I-Scan and POCUS, contact Deborah Cooke, MS, clinical project manager, at