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Department of Medicine Faculty Development Department of Medicine Faculty Mentorship & Professional Development

Department of Medicine Faculty Mentorship & Professional Development

NYU Langone’s Department of Medicine is committed to the success of our faculty and offers support for career, professional, and personal development. We help faculty at all stages of their career develop skills as teachers, evaluators, mentors, and researchers in our mentor and professional development programs.

Education for Educators

A yearlong certificate course for clinician educators who wish to enhance their teaching skills, the Education for Educators, or E4E, program is available to all Department of Medicine faculty members.

Overseen by program directors Anne D. Dembitzer, MD, and Sondra R. Zabar, MD, the workshop-based curriculum enhances your confidence as a teacher, improves your ability to assess learners, promotes an environment of academic inquiry, and fosters a vibrant community of educators.

To set the stage for the program, you first participate in group-observed, structured teaching exercises, after which you receive evaluations of your teaching skills and individual feedback from your peers and E4E faculty. You then take part in interactive workshops that emphasize learning and developing both clinical and educational skills. At the conclusion of each workshop, you identify specific learning goals and create a personalized development plan.

You also participate in three peer-to-peer sessions during which other educators observe you as you incorporate new skills into your teaching practice. Faculty who complete the program are awarded a Department of Medicine teaching certificate.

Junior Faculty Club

The Junior Faculty Club is a network of young investigators that promotes the advancement of outstanding scientists and clinical investigators in the Department of Medicine.

The club fosters research collaborations among junior faculty in different divisions, encourages peer mentoring, and provides information on resources available at the departmental and institutional level to support grant applications, build teams, and effectively implement research plans.

We aim to strengthen the competency of junior faculty members involved in conducting research, help them expand the scope of their research, enhance their communication with NYU Langone’s research administration, and promote wellness and work–life balance.

Our events include lectures on topics designed to help you transition to the next stage of your career, peer-to-peer mentoring sessions, networking activities, research presentations and critiques, and social gatherings. Contact Jose O. Aleman, MD, PhD, or Karen Maass, PhD, club chairs, for information about upcoming events or other questions.