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Department of Medicine Education Department of Medicine Education for Medical Students

Department of Medicine Education for Medical Students

Faculty in the Department of Medicine are leaders in NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Curriculum for the 21st Century, or C21, for medical students. They make up the majority of the faculty and serve as program directors for courses and clerkships that take place throughout the undergraduate medical education experience.

The Science and Skills for Medicine and Practice of Medicine learning modules take place in stage one of C21, before clerkships begin. They form the foundational biological and scientific knowledge of your undergraduate medical education, including an introduction to basic scientific principles, epidemiology, and the first bedside experiences.

The department oversees two of the seven clerkship experiences that all medical students participate in during stage two of C21. In the Core Medicine Clerkship, students are part of the medical services at our core teaching hospitals. In the Ambulatory Care Clerkship, students gain experience providing outpatient care through rotations in various clinical settings.

During stage three of the curriculum, students spend six months taking selective and elective courses in specialty areas within different departments at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. After that, in stage four, medical students return to the Department of Medicine for the Critical Care Clerkship and the subinternship. Our Critical Care Clerkship introduces medical students to the care of patients in the intensive care unit, and the acting internship on a general medical team through our Advanced Medicine Clerkship.

In addition to leading undergraduate medical education, we offer opportunities for medical students to pursue research with mentorship from Department of Medicine faculty.

Program Directors

The following Department of Medicine faculty members serve as program directors for key courses and clerkships in the MD degree curriculum:

Pamela Rosenthal, MD
Director, Science and Skills for Medicine

Ruth M. Crowe, MD, PhD
Director, Practice of Medicine

Michael LoCurcio, MD
Director, Core Medicine Clerkship

Michael Tanner, MD
Director, Ambulatory Care Clerkship

Seagram M. Villagomez, MD
Director, Advanced Medicine Clerkship

Contact Us

For more information about medical student education in the Department of Medicine, contact Dr. LoCurcio, associate chair for undergraduate medical education, at, or Lida Andar, program supervisor, at or 212-263-6261.

Accelerated Three-Year MD

Fast-track your medical career with early, conditional residency acceptance in our three-year pathway.

Honors Program

Perform original research under the guidance of a principal investigator and earn your MD degree with honors.

Summer Research Program

Complete a research project as a research assistant in 1 of our 12 divisions.

MD/PhD Program

Enroll in a program that prepares you to excel in both the laboratory and the clinic.

Dual MD/Master’s Degrees

Earn a master’s in business or public administration, public health, bioethics, or translational research.