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About the Neuroscience Institute Neuroscience Institute Job Openings

Neuroscience Institute Job Openings

The Neuroscience Institute seeks accomplished individuals to join our team. Below are job opportunities available in our faculty labs.

Recent college graduates interested in our neuroscience research associates program can apply in early 2020.

For more information about administrative jobs at the Neuroscience Institute, please visit the NYU Langone Health jobs website.

Faculty Job Openings

See an up-to-date list of our faculty job opportunities.

Postdoctoral Job Openings

Our research faculty seek talented and motivated postdoctoral fellows.

Levy Lab—September 25, 2019

The laboratory of Efrat Levy, PhD, seeks full-time postdoctoral researchers to study the role that genetic and environmental factors play in increasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. In collaboration with the laboratory of Paul Mathews, PhD, the Levy Lab focuses on early dysfunction of the endosomal-exosomal pathways that predispose neurons to Alzheimer’s disease pathobiology, studied in mouse models and cell culture systems and confirmed in human postmortem brain tissue. Positions are available immediately for applicants with a recent PhD or the equivalent who also possess an academic and research background in mouse studies, cell biology, or neuropathology. Interested candidates should contact

He Lab—August 26, 2019

The Perception and Brain Dynamics Laboratory is currently recruiting for a post-doctoral fellow to conduct research to illuminate how prior knowledge shapes perception in the human brain. The planned research project involves a combination of cutting-edge human brain imaging technologies, including ultra-high field (7 Tesla) fMRI and magnetoencephalography (MEG) in healthy subjects, electrocorticography (ECoG) in neurosurgical patients, along with psychophysics and neuropsychology. We are looking for a candidate with a passion for perceptual and cognitive neuroscience, independent critical thinking, strong analytical and quantitative skills, and good interpersonal skills. Experience with human brain imaging (such as fMRI, MEG, or ECoG) and excellent programming skills are highly desirable.

Our laboratory is located on NYU Langone’s Manhattan campus and is affiliated with the Neuroscience Institute, Department of Neurology, and Department of Radiology. The position is expected to start in fall of 2019, but early spring of 2020 is also possible. We provide competitive salary and benefits that adjust for cost of living in New York City. To apply, please send a CV, a cover letter, a statement of scientific and career goals, and names and contacts of three referees to Biyu J. He, PhD at with the subject line “post-doctoral application 2019.” We strongly encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible, but no later than October 15, 2019.

Rinberg Lab—August 26, 2019

The Rinberg lab at NYU Medical School is seeking to fill multiple postdoctoral positions at the interface of computational systems neuroscience and advanced neurotechnology. We study how olfactory information is represented and processed in neural activity patterns, and how the brain extracts information relevant for behavior.  We are using wide-field and two-photon imaging, multiunit electrophysiology and behavioral experiments, in combination with theoretical approaches, to study how odors are represented at different stages of neural processing. To understand how spatiotemporal neural codes are read by the brain and evoke behavior, we are developing optogenetic pattern stimulation techniques, including 2P holography. Most of the projects are deeply rooted in theoretical approaches and statistical modeling. In addition, as an applied direction, we are developing a bio-electronic nose, a universal, versatile, and sensitive chemical detector based on the mouse olfactory system. The lab has established strong collaborative links with multiple leading labs in theory, statistical methods, technology development, and genetics. This is an excellent opportunity for computational and technologically inclined candidates to find their niche in between developing cutting edge technologies and applying the technologies to fundamental scientific questions. 

An ideal candidate should have a background in neuroscience, physics/engineering, and math. Knowledge and experience in optics, imaging, multi-neuron physiology and computational methods are a big plus. Interested applications should send a cover letter and CV to Dmitry Rinberg, PhD at

Sippy Lab—August 26, 2019

The laboratory of Tanya C. Sippy, MD, PhD seeks postdocs and research associates with a background in electrophysiology or calcium imaging to join our lab. Candidates should be interested in circuit and synaptic mechanisms underlying sensory and reward processing and addiction.

The Sippy Lab seeks to understand how the neural representation of sensory information and the actions it triggers is altered by rewards. We focus primarily on primary sensory and motor areas as well as the subcortical areas they project to, which include the dorsolateral striatum and nucleus accumbens. Since dopamine is thought to play a central role in reward-based learning, we aim to understand how this neurotransmitter affects neural activity at the single cell and circuit level.

Positions are available immediately for postdocs with a recent PhD. Research associates should possess a bachelor's degree and some laboratory experience. All inquiries should be sent to

Laboratory Supervisor Job Openings

Join our team as a lab manager to build hands-on research experience.

Alberini Lab—September 25, 2019

We currently have an opening in the laboratory of Cristina M. Alberini, PhD, in the Center for Neural Science at NYU. Learn more about this position.