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Department of Neurosurgery Education Neurosurgery Medical Student Training

Neurosurgery Medical Student Training

Many neurosurgeons were first introduced to neurosurgery while in medical school. At NYU Grossman School of Medicine, we aim to help medical students develop their interest in our field by offering an outstanding educational experience in neurosurgery.

The following programs give medical students early and significant exposure to clinical neurosurgery.

Neurology and Surgery Clerkships

Our neurology and surgery clerkship programs offer two paths for students to become familiar with the Department of Neurosurgery at NYU Langone.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program pairs students interested in neurosurgery with a member of the Department of Neurosurgery for one-on-one guidance.

Neurosurgery Subinternships

Our neurosurgery subinternships, available to medical students from NYU Grossman School of Medicine as well as those from other medical schools, are four-week programs that provide experience in the neurosurgical service at NYU Langone.

For this elective, visiting student applications will be processed through AAMC’s Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program. The VSLO Application Service (also known as VSAS) enables students to browse and apply for this elective.

Research Opportunities

Our department offers clinical and basic research opportunities for medical students at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, as well as to visiting students.

Contact Us

For more information about neurosurgery training for medical students please contact David H. Harter, MD, at 212-263-6419.