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Neurosurgery Medical Student Training Neurology & Surgery Clerkships

Neurology & Surgery Clerkships

The Department of Neurosurgery’s neurology and surgery clerkship programs offer medical students interested in pursuing a career in neurosurgery familiarity with the neurosurgery program at NYU Langone.

Neurology Clerkship

During our four-week core neurology clerkship, medical students receive two didactic neurosurgery lectures—one in neurosurgical emergencies and one in restorative/functional neurosurgery. As a student in this clerkship, you follow inpatients on the neurology service. When those patients go to the operating room for a neurosurgical procedure, you’re encouraged to observe.

Surgery Clerkship

Although neurosurgery is not a scheduled elective during the core surgery clerkship, participating students who are interested may request a one-week elective on the neurosurgery service. To do so, you must ask the clerkship director to switch you from a prescheduled subspecialty rotation to one in neurosurgery.

Typically, students are assigned to an attending or chief resident who is responsible for their one-week experience. This is an excellent learning opportunity for students who are interested in neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, or all three.

Contact Us

To learn more about our clerkship programs or to apply, please contact Ivonne Monterrey at or 212-263-6414.