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Rusk Rehabilitation Research Aphasia & Language Rehabilitation Research

Aphasia & Language Rehabilitation Research

At NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation, Elizabeth E. Galletta, PhD, is involved in both clinical and research activities. Clinically trained as a speech–language pathologist, she is a specialist in speech–language and cognitive–linguistic disorders secondary to stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neurologic disease.

Dr. Galletta’s research focuses on aphasia rehabilitation after stroke and takes a broad approach to improving language and communication in people who have had a stroke. As head of Rusk Rehabilitation’s Neurolinguistics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory, Dr. Galletta conducts research that combines behavioral speech–language aphasia treatment with noninvasive brain stimulation and aerobic exercise, which promote neuroplasticity.

Her work includes treating aphasia with impairment-based approaches that focus on training a specific linguistic form, as well as functionally oriented interventions, such as supported conversation and aphasia community groups.

Rusk Rehabilitation is one of the first medical facilities in the nation to provide therapy for people with aphasia and remains a leader in providing research-based aphasia treatments.

Recent Publications

Feasibility of Remotely Supervised Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (RS-tDCS) for People with Stroke-Induced and Progressive Aphasia

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Response Time Inconsistencies in Object and Action Naming in Anomic Aphasia

Galletta, Elizabeth E; Goral, Mira

American journal of speech-language pathology. 2018 Mar 01; 27:477-484

Incomplete evidence that increasing current intensity of tDCS boosts outcomes

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Use of tDCS in Aphasia Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review of the Behavioral Interventions Implemented With Noninvasive Brain Stimulation for Language Recovery

Galletta, Elizabeth E; Conner, Peggy; Vogel-Eyny, Amy; Marangolo, Paola

American journal of speech-language pathology. 2016 12 01; 25:S854-S867

Use of Computational Modeling to Inform tDCS Electrode Montages for the Promotion of Language Recovery in Post-stroke Aphasia

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Translational treatment of aphasia combining neuromodulation and behavioral intervention for lexical retrieval: implications from a single case study

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Global Aphasia

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Impairment and Functional Interventions for Aphasia: Having it All

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