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Rusk Rehabilitation Research Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Research

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Research

NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation is committed to developing new treatments and improving health outcomes for people with chronic cardiopulmonary conditions and those who have had heart or lung transplants.

We are investigating the feasibility and efficacy of novel interventions to improve rehabilitation implementation and access, reduce barriers to exercise adherence, and maximize psychosocial and physical health outcomes. Our research focuses on promoting healthy aging and lifestyle behavior change, physical activity levels, weight management, health-related quality of life, and mood.

Mobile Health Intervention After Cardiac Rehabilitation

Jonathan H. Whiteson, MD, is the principal investigator on a study examining the benefits of smartphone apps and wearable technology on exercise adherence after cardiopulmonary outpatient rehabilitation. The intervention is designed to promote a heart-healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and balanced diet.

Subjects in the mobile health intervention group receive daily medication reminders, weight and physical activity tracking, and weekly educational tips on cardiovascular health through a mobile phone app. Subjects randomized to the control group receive standard outpatient cardiac rehabilitation discharge packet that includes tailored exercise and nutrition recommendations. The research team is comparing subjects in the mobile health intervention group with subjects in the control group. The team is assessing health outcomes for both groups at baseline, three months, and six months, and is measuring weight management, self-efficacy, physical function, mental health, and cardiac-related emergency and hospital care.

Dr. Whiteson is also collaborating with John A. Dodson, MD, MPH, the principal investigator, on a study looking at home-based rehabilitation intervention in older adults with ischemic heart disease after hospitalization.

Breathing Therapy and Music for Shortness of Breath and Stress Management

Anna Maria R. Norweg, PhD, is principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health (NIH)–funded study examining the benefits of capnography-assisted respiratory therapy (CART) on people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). CART is a complementary mind–body breathlessness therapy that uses real-time biofeedback of carbon dioxide at the end of exhalation (end-tidal or ETCO2) and respiratory rate (RR) to promote self-regulation and efficiency of breathing. Capnography biofeedback links changes in carbon dioxide to shortness of breath and anxiety symptoms.

Dr. Norweg also leads a study—Breathe Easy with Exercise (BR-EASE)—investigating the effects of a novel music intervention on reducing shortness of breath and related anxiety, and increasing walking distance in adults with chronic respiratory diseases.

Physical Therapy After Lung Transplant

John R. Corcoran, PT, DPT, MS, is leading a quality improvement project that is examining the amount of physical therapy patients receive in the acute care setting immediately after a lung transplant. He is comparing standard physical therapy care (once per day) with enhanced physical therapy care (twice per day) during the acute care postoperative period. Outcome measures include functional status, acute care length of stay, complication rates, discharge disposition (whether there is need for post-acute care inpatient rehabilitation), readmission rate, and postoperative cost of care.

Disability and Health Outcomes Measurement Research

Our measurement research focuses on improving quality implementation of patient-reported outcome assessments in clinical practice and research. Anna Maria R. Norweg, PhD, is involved in research to improve measurement of shortness of breath, wellbeing, and physical activity, including the interpretation of change scores, after medical treatment. Her research also focuses on improving prediction of exacerbations to facilitate earlier treatment, reduced hospitalizations, and improved prognosis of chronic lung conditions.

As principal investigator, Dr. Norweg collaboratively developed and psychometrically tested the Dyspnea Management Questionnaire Computer Adaptive Test (DMQ-CAT). The DMQ-CAT measures anxiety, activity avoidance, self-efficacy, and intensity of shortness of breath with daily activities in adults with COPD. Dr. Norweg is conducting a multicenter, prospective observational study to investigate the relative responsiveness of the DMQ-CAT compared with other widely used dyspnea assessments after outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation. A second observational, prospective study aims to assess whether shortness of breath scores predict acute exacerbations of COPD.

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